The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 12, Number 2 - 1996


F - Full text
A - Abstract only

M. S. Wald Editorial
M. S. Wald Engineering Education World
G. AkhrasTeaching Engineering as a Second CareerA
Distance Learning
F.Davoli, P.Maryni, S.Zappatore, P.TaloneInteractive Distance Learning over ISDN in Electronic Engineering Education F
Mechanical Engineering - Robotics
K. Yamazaki, J, Bevirt, J. Collins, M. Estes,
N. Han, J. Ip, N.S.Kim, C. Ko, K. Nelson,
J. Petersen,Y. Yokoyama
Development of a Soccer-Playing Robot for ROBOCON’94: An Example of Hands-on Education in Mechatronics EngineeringA
G.McKee, R.BarsonUsing the Internet to Share a Robotics LaboratoryA
Computer Aided Learning
P.M. Nobar, A.J. Crilly, K. IynkaranThe Increasing Influece of Computers in Engineering Education: Teaching Vibration via Multimedia ProgramsA
Engineering Education Policy
P.SchurerOn Transnational Exchanges of PostgraduateStudents in Industrial MathematicsA
Electronic Engineering
M. Rizkalla, C. O’Loughlin, C. F. Yokomoto,
G. Burkart
An Innovative Model for Senior Level Undergraduate Engineering Education in Electronic Manufacturing A
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
A. ZingoniA New Approach for the Vibration Analysis of Symmetric Mechanical Systems - Part 2: One- Dimensional Systems A
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