The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 12, Number 3 - 1996


F - Full text
A - Abstract only

1. M.S. Wald Editorial F
2. M.S. Wald Engineering Education World F
Engineering Education Research
3. A.F. Cliff Conducting a Programme of Learning Improvement with "Educationally Disadvantaged" Students in Engineering A
Mechanical Engineering
4. A.M. Eydgahi ROBOTISM: A CAD Package for Design and Analysis of Robots A
5. G.H. Lim Designing and Testing a Dynamic Vibration Absorber Rig A
6. A. Zingoni A New Approach for the Vibration Analysis of Symmetric Mechanical Systems – Part 3: Two-Dimensional Systems A
Civil Engineering
7. S.D. Jost, Y.L. Mo, H.C. Wu Education for Automation in Structural Design A
Electrical Engineering
8. W.W. Buchanan, A. Rahrooh Computer Laboratory Simulation in Electrical Engineering Technology Analog and Digital Courses A
Aeronautical Engineering
9. C.F. Newberry, P.J. Gouhin, J.W. Rutherford American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Graduate Design Competitions A
10. S.D. Heister, N.L. Messersmith Launch Competition for Rocket Propulsion Education A
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