The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 12, Number 4 - 1996

M.S. Wald Editorial
M.S. Wald Engineering Education World
M. Aldeen Future Directions for Multimedia-Based Engineering Education
Engineering Education Research
P.A. Rosati, L.M. Becker Student Perspectives on Engineering
Multimedia in Education
J. Dospisil, L. Kendall, A. Jennings Effective Courseware Development
F. Bodendorf, K. Langer A System Architecture for Flexible, Knowledge-Based, Multimedia CBT-Applications
Mechanical and Manufacture Engineering
D. Byrkett, O. Ettouney A Model to Develop and Incorporate a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory into an Engineering Curriculum
Civil Engineering
Y. S. Li Teaching Design in the Civil Engineering Unddergraduate Curriculum: Hong Kong Experience
Software Engineering
J.E. Cooling Software Design for Engineers: A Practical Undergraduate Course in Structured Design
Metallurgical Engineering
E.A. Charles, C.C. Chama Some Practical Ideas for the Establishment of an Electrochemical Teaching Laboratory
Engineering Physics
R. M. Shoucri Constant Keplerian Orbit with Non-Central Force Field
Engineering Mathematics
Kai Ming Yu A Note on Pseudo-inverse
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