The International Journal of
Engineering Education
Volume 12, Number 6 - 1996

M.S. Wald Editorial
M.S. Wald
J.M.Beeckmans General Practice Engineering
N. Eftekhar, D.R. Strong,  
O. Hawaleshka
Towards Dynamic Modeling of a Teaching- Learning System: 1- The Unified Theory
V. Frith and R. O. Heckroodt Multiple Choice Questions: The value of item analysis
H. Silyn-Roberts The undergraduate reportand essay: an analysis of the relevance of each genre to the writing skillsrequired by a professional engineer
A. Zekl and I. Morschel Embedding Authoring Support inan ITS For the Learning of Object-Oriented Programming
L.J. Genalo and D.G. Wilson Multimedia Engineering Courseware: Delivery and Assessment.
P.D. Noakes, M.W.Franklin, N.C.Gustard, R.J.Mack, R.E.Massara, P.C. Smith Designing CBL Courseware for the Interactive Learning of Electronics Design 


M.J.Davidson Lecturing with Multimedia Tools 
 A.M. Zikic, B.I.J. Radenkovic  New Approach to Teaching Discrete Event System Simulation
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