The International Journal of
Engineering Education
Volume 13, Number 5 - 1997

M.S Wald 
M.S Wald 
Engineering Education World
H.Li Using Information Technology to Enhance Engineering Education
Engineering Education Research 
C.L.Newport and D.G.Elms 
Effective engineers 
Mechanical Engineering -Computer Aided Learning 
B.T.Cheok and A.Y.C. Nee 
Developing a Design System into an Intelligent Tutoring System
Electrical Engineering 
L.Goel, R.Gupta 
A Windows Based Simulation Tool for Generating Capacity reliability Evaluation
Environmental and Chemical Engineering 
N.H.Dural and D.B.Shah Incorporating Chemical Pollution Control Concepts and Technologies into Chemical Engineering Curricula
Marine Engineering   
R.Latorre Student Development in Naval Architecture, Marine and Ocean Engineering Education at UNO
Aerospace Engineering   
N.Wereley and G.M.Kamath Bringing Relevance to Freshman Aerospace Engineering:  Demonstration of a Model Scale Comanche Helicopter Lag Mode Damper
M.Lapins Aerospace Engineering Education: an Industry View from a Preliminary Design perspective
and R.J.LeVesque
The Manned Assembly Project:  A Three-dimensional View of a Cooperative Industry/University Space System Design Experience
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