International Journal of Engineering Education

Contents Volume 14 number 1



Engineering Education World


L.M.Nicolai Lockheed Advanced Development, Palmdale CA 93599 USA  Viewpoint:   An Industry View of Engineering Design Education   

Engineering Education Issues and research

R.Hadgraft, Civil Engineering,Monash University,Australia     Problem-Based Learning:A Vital Step Towards a New Work Environment

R.C.Winn Engineering Systems Inc. Colorado Springs CO, USA and
R.S.Green, USAF Directorate of Technical Training, Randolph AFB, TX,USA     Applying Total quality Management to the Educational Process

Communication Studies

V.M.Arms, Drexel University,Philadelphia,PA ,USA,
S.Duerden, M.Green, Arizona State University,Tempe,AZ,USA,
M.J.Killingsworth, P.Taylor, Texas A&M UniversityTX,USA     English Teachers and Engineers:A New Learning Community

Computer Engineering

S.Ghosh, Computer Science and Engineering,Arizona State University,Tempe, AZ,USA     Experience with Undergraduate Honors Theses in Computer Engineering

L.Neal, Department of Computer Science, Brunel University, Uxbridge , UK
K.Kratchanov,  European University, Cyprus,
I.Stanev, University of Rousse, Rousse, Bulgaria     Developing a Western-Style Information Systems Engineering Curriculum Infrastructure

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

C.Eastlake, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL, USA     An Aircraft Design Project for the High School Level

M.Felling,R.H.Page, Mechanical Engimneering, Texas A&M University,College Station, TX, USA and
H.H.Korst and R.A.White, Mechanical Enineering, University of Illiois, Urbana, IL, USA     An Experimental Anslysis and Demonstration of the Non-Steady Flow in a Shock Tube

V.Johnson and B.A.Rambaugh, Universities Space Research Association, Houston, TX., USA

Educating for Engineering Design Today-Measuring Excellence Tomorrow: The NASA/ASRA University Advanced Design Program

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