The International Journal of
Engineering Education

Volume 14 number 4

M. S. Wald
Engineering Education World
Engineering education issues and research
J.Jawitz and J.Case
Exploring the Reasons South African Students give for Studying Engineering 

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
W.O.Wong  Vibration Mode Shape Visualisation with a Time Average TV Holography System 
W.H.Ip and K.W.Kam An Education and Training Model for Manufacturing Resources Planning  
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
D.J.Pines and P.A.Lovell
A Remote Demonstration System to Enhance Engineering Classroom Instruction and Student Learning 
Civil Engineering
H.Chanson P.James Teaching Case Studies in Reservoir Siltation and Catchment Erosion  
Computer Aided Design
N.Reffold Teaching and Learning computer Aided Engineering Drawing 
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Power Electronics Instruction in the USA and Canada  
and J.Puhan

A Microcontroller Laboratory for Electrical Engineering 
P.Lundgren Effects of Elective Oral Examinations in Semiconductor Devices Courses. A Remote Demonstration System to Enhance Classroom Instruction and Student Learning 
Laboratory Design Projects for Secondary School Students 
  Web Statistics