International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 15 Number 5

Engineering Education World
Special Section: Multimedia in Engineering Education
Robin. S. Bradbeer
Guest editorial
Cristina Varsavsky
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics,
Monash University, Australia
Electronic Delivery of Mathematics: What is Possible with the Current Technology?
K.C.Chu,N.Urbanik,S.Y.Yip and T.W.Cheung
Hong Kong Technical College
The Benefit of Virtual Teaching to Engineering Education
J.Cheung,K.B.Letaief and P.Chan
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Multimedia Teaching on the Web
R.S.Bradbeer (Guest Editor)
Dept. of Electronic Engineering, 
City University of Hong Kong

The Effectiveness of Teaching Introductory Electronics in an Integrated Teaching Studio Environment
School of Engineering ,
Griffith University, Australia

Use of Simulator in Teaching Introductory Computer Engineering
G.Roy and P.L.Lee
School of Engineering, 
Murdoch University, Australia

Interactive Web-based Teaching for Computing in an Engineering Degree
I.Kaminskyi,J.B.Chapman and P.K.L.Tran
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, 
Monash University,Australia
Mechanistic Simulation in Electronics Engineering Education
A.Maciocia and T.Scott
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, 
Edinburgh and Napier University,Edinburgh,Scotland

SUMSMAN-A Project for the Mathematics Community in Scottish Higher Education
Engineering Education Issues and Research  
J.Newell,A.J.Marchese, R.P.Ramachandran, 
B.Sukumaran and R.Harvey
Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ.USA
Multidisciplinary Design and Communication: a Pedagogical Vision
Mechanical Engineering  
H.Perez-Blanco, P.Micharelis,M.Hall,M.C.Pai
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 
The Pennsylvanian State University,University Park,PA,USA

A Vibration Test Stand for a Thermal Systems Laboratory
Civil Engineering  
Dept. of Civil Engineering,
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Towards ‘Remote’ Learning of Building Materials
Computer Engineering  
K.Malllalieu and R.Arieatas
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of West Indies,Trinidad,West Indies
Internet-enabled Parallel Port Driver

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