Contents Volume 17 number 6



 M.S.Wald: Editorial

Engineering Education Policy and Research

The Status of Engineering in the Age of Technology:Part I. Politics of Practice

S.J.Rothberg, F.Lamb and A.Wallace
Computer Assisted Learning in Engineering Degree Programmes : A Survey at the End of the 20th Century

Creative Education at Tokyo Institute of Technology

S.R.Yeomans and A.Atrens
A Methodology for Discipline-Specific Curriculum Development

Mecahnical Engineering

V.J.Box,P.R.Munroe,A.C.Crosky.M.J.Hoffman,P.Krauklis and R.A.J.Ford
Increasing Student Involvement  In Materials Engineering Service Subjects for Mechanical Engineers

Demonstration of an Aspect of Data Acquisition in Mechatronics Education

Manufacturing Engineering

D.J.Petty,K.D.Barber and S.J.Hooker
The Federal-Mogul Business Game: The Development and Application of an Educational Aid for Planning and Control

A Systems Approach to Manufacturing as Implemented within a Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

S-J.Hsieh and P.Y.Hsieh
Intelligent Tutoring System Authoring Tool for Manufacturing Engineering Education

Information Technology

A Self-Checking Interface for MATLAB Based Interactive Exercises

Chemical Engineering

S.Farrell,R.P.Hesketh,J.A.Newell and C.S.Slater
Introducing Freshmen to Reverse Process Engineering And Design Through the Investigation of the Brewing Process

Improving Thinking Skills in the Unit Operations Laboratory


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