Volume 18 number 2


Special Issue: Assessment

Guest Editor : Gloria Rogers

Cover and Abstracts


Gloria Rogers
Guest Editorial

Jirapan Liangrokapart, Funda Samanlioglu, Michael Leonard, Eleanor Nault, James Harrison, Jr. and D.Jack Elzinga
Gathering Employer Assessment Inputs from Focused Discussion Group Sessions with Campus Recruiters

Eleanor Nault and Joseph Hoey
Trust: The Missing Ingredient in Assessment

Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Larry J. Shuman, and Harvey Wolfe
Modeling Undergraduate Engineering Outcomes

John Gershenson, Christine E. Hailey, J. Clair Batty, Warren F. Phillips
Application of Value Engineering Techniques in Curriculum Development and Review

Patricia Brackin
Assessing Engineering Education: An Industrial Analogy

Jack McGourty, Larry Shuman, Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Cynthia Atman, Ronald Miller, Barbara Olds, Gloria Rogers,and Harvey Wolfe
Preparing for ABET EC-2000: Research-Based Assessment Methods and Processes

Paul Wellington, Ian Thomas, Irene Powell and Brian Clarke
Authentic Assessment Applied  to Engineering and Business Undergraduate Consulting Teams

Robin S. Adams, Cynthia J. Atman, Rie Nakamura,Gretchen Kalonji, Denice Denton
Assessment of an International Freshmen Research and Design Experience: A Triangulation Study

Joseph A. Shaeiwitz
Mining Capstone engineering experiences for Program assessment Results

Julia M. Williams
The Engineering Portfolio:  Communication, Reflection, and Student Outcomes Assessment

Daina Briedis
Developing Effective Assessment of Student Professional Outcomes

Ronald L. Miller and Barbara M. Olds
Lessons Learned in Developing and Implementing a  Program Assessment Plan

Ronald E. Terry, John N. Harb, William C. Hecker, and W. Vincent Wilding
Definition of Student Competencies and Development of an Educational Plan to Assess Student Mastery Level

Dervis Z. Deniz  and  Ibrahim Ersan
An Academic Decision Support System Based on Academic Performance Evaluation for Student and Program Assessment

Maryanne Weiss and M.Dayne Aldridge
Assessing the Effects of the ABET/NSF/Industry Regional Faculty Workshop

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