Contents Volume 18 number 5

Part I: Special Issue


Guest Editor: Jane P. Chang

Covers and Abstracts

Guest Editorial: Challenges in Engineering Education of Nanotechnologies

M. Wald- Editorial

Nanotechnology-A Frontier for Engineering Education

V.Vogel and C.T.Campbell-
Education in Nanotechnology: Launching the First Ph.D. Program

The Masters Training Package in Nanoscale Science and Technology

J.G.Shapter,M.J.Ford,L.M.Maddox and E.R.Waclawik-
Teaching Undergraduates Nanotechnology

E.Allen,S.Gleixner,G.Young,D.Parent,Y.Dessouky and L.Vanasupa-
Microelectronics Process Engineering at San Jose State University: A Manufacturing -oriented Interdisciplinary Degree Program

P.M.Hallacher,D.E.Fenwick and S.J.Fonash-
The Pennsylvania Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology Partnership: Resource Sharing for Nanotechnology Workforce Development

Z.Weiss,P.Wyslych,M.Kristkova,D.Havlova and P.Capkova-
Analysis of Nanostructured Materials- a Ph.D. Course

A.A.Dasgupta,R.A.Matthes,C.G.Takoudis and S.S.Dang-
Web-based Instruction on the Fundamentals and Design of Micro-and Nanoelectronic Processes. Innovations, challenges and Benefits

S.M.Condren-J.G.Breitzer,A.C.Payne,A.B.Ellis,C.G.Widstrand,T.F.Kuech and G.C.Lisensky-
Student Centered,Nanotechnology-enriched Introductory College Chemistry Courses for Engineering Students

T.M.Chang,P.Jaroonsiriphan and X.Sun-
Integrating Nanotechnology into Undergraduate Experience.A Web-based Approach

Part II

Papers in Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing, Chemical, and Ecological Engineering Education

Mechanical Engineering

D.Elata and I.Garaway-
A Creative Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Teaching Industrial Control with the Assistance of a Web-based Interactive Simulator of Distributed Control Systems

W.B.Lee,J.G.Li and C.F.Cheung-
Development of a Virtual Training Workshop in Ultra-precision Machining

Chemical Engineering

L.Jimenez, A.D.Mackie and J.Giralt-
Operation and Control of a Distillation Column as a Tool to Teach the ‘Real Problem‘

Ecological Engineering

P.D.Schreuders,D.Blersch,A.Lomander,F.Koh,P.B.Reddy and D.Danzy-
An Ecological Engineering Project for Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Classes
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