International Journal of Engineering Education


Volume 22 number 3, 2006


Special Issue


Learning and Engineering Design


Guest  Editor


Clive L. Dym










Clive L.Dym

Guest Editorial



Clive L. Dym

Engineering Design: So Much to Learn



Sheri D. Sheppard,


William Sullivan,

What is Engineering Practice?

Anne Colby, and


Kelly Macatangay




Denny Davis, Steve


Beyerlein, and

Deriving Design Course Outcomes from a Professional Profile

Isadore Davis




John H. McMasters

Influencing Student Learning—An Industry Perspective



Lisa R. Lattuca, J.


Fredericks Volkwein,

Getting in Sync: Faculty and Employer Perceptions from the National

Linda R. Strauss, and

Study of EC2000

Javzan Sukhbaatar




Manuel Contero, Pedro

Learning Support Tools for Developing Spatial Abilities in

Company, José Luis

Engineering Design

Saorin, and Ferran Naya




Chris Magee and

Experimentation and Its Role in Engineering Design: Linking

Dan Frey

a Student Design Exercise to New Results from Cognitive





Yoram Reich, Eli Kolberg,

Design Contexts for Learning Design

and Ilya Levin




Gül E. Okudan

Facilitating Design Learning in a Collaborative Environment:

and Susan Mohammed

Findings of a Two-Year Study



Tom Meijknecht and

The Five Saints of Electrical Engineering

Hans van Drongelen




Reid Bailey and

Assessing Engineering Design Process Knowledge

Suzanne Szarbo




Matthew M. Mehalik

What Constitutes Good Design? A Review of Empirical

and Christian D. Schunn

Studies of Design Processes



Durward K. Sobek II

System-Level Design: A Missing Link?



David Socha and

Is Designing Software Different from Designing Other Things?

Skip Walter




Ozgur Eris

Insisting on Truth at the Expense of Conceptualization: Can


Engineering Portfolios Help?



Kelly J. Obarski and

Engineers as Inquiry Practitioners

Suzanne W. Soled




Madara Ogot and

Systematic Creativity Methods on Engineering Education:

Gül E. Okudan

A Learning Styles Perspective



Matthew W. Ohland

Teaching Design Using Multiple Hierarchical Engineering

and Joshua D. Summers

Education Models



Timothy Healy

Restructuring an Engineering Core Course to Prepare


Students for Design Experiences



Christopher Lewis,

Learning to Design Products in Environments with Limited

Spencer Magleby, and

Design Traditions

Robert Todd




Jennifer Turns, Robin


Adams, Josh Martin,

Tackling the Research-to-Teaching Challenge in Engineering

Monica Cardella,

Design Education: Making the Invisible Visible

Joshua Newman,


and Cynthia J. Atman




Janis P. Terpenny and

Utilizing Assistive Technology Design Projects and

Richard M. Goff

Interdisciplinary Teams to Foster Inquiry and Learning


In Engineering Design





Alice M. Agogino,

Triangulation of Indicators of Successful Student Design

Jonathan Hey, and


Shuang Song




Elizabeth Cuddihy and

Assessing One Aspect of Design Learning:

Jennifer Turns

Qualitative Analysis of Students’ Design Rationales







Susan Finger, Dana


Gelman, Anne Fay,

Assessing Collaborative Learning in Engineering Design

and Michael Szczerban




Joan M. T. Walker,


David S. Cordray,

Design Scenarios as an Assessment of Adaptive Expertise

Paul King, and


Sean Brophy




John H. Lamancusa

Design as the Bridge Between Theory and Practice



Linda Schmidt

Engineering Teams: Individual or Group Support?



David Ollis                              

Teaching Technology Literacy: An Opportunity for Design Faculty

John Krupczac




Ann McKenna,


J. Edward Colgate,

IDEA: Formalizing the Foundation for an Engineering Design Faculty

Stephen Carr, and


Gregory B. Olson




Poul K. Hansen,


Jens O. Riis, Frank

Learning for Life—PBL in Continuing Education

Gertsen, and


Poul Israelsen




John W. Wesner

What We Have Learned From Mudd Design Workshop V:


“Learning and Engineering Design”


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