Contents Volume 23 number 6


Part I


Educating Students in Sustainable Engineering (II)


Guest Editors


Lynn Katz

University of Texas


John Sutherland

Michigan Technological University









L.Katz and J.Sutherland

Guest Editorial



I.S.Jawahir, K.E.Rouch, O.W.Dillon,

L.Holloway, and A.Hall

Design for Sustainability (DFS): New Challenges in Developing and Implementing a Curriculum for Next Generation Design and Manufacturing Engineers



R.Gheorghe and P.Xirouchakis

Decision Based Methods for Early Phase Sustainable Product Design



J.Jeswiet, J.Duflou, W.DeWulf,

C.Luttrop and M.Hauschild

Course Content for Life Cycle Engineering and EcoDesign




Teaching Life Cycle Assessment to Interdisciplinary Graduate Students



A.McKay and D.Raffo

Project- based Learning: a Case Study in Sustainable Design



J.R.Mihelcic, T.D.Eatmon, R.A.Harris,

and H.E.Muga

Engineering Sustainable Construction Materials for the Developing World: A Meta- discipline Approach to Engineering Education




Building Sustainable Architecture and Livelihoods in Indonesia: An International Education




Developing a Sustainability Course for Graduate Engineering Students and Professionals



J.K.Staniskis and Z.Stasiskiene

An Integrated Approach to Environmental Education and Research: A Case Study



N.M.Assaf-Anid, P.J.Lindner,

J.M.Iarocci and N.Ivezaj

Sustainable Engineering for the Future: A Laboratory Experiment on Carbon Dioxide Adsorption from a Carbon Dioxide- Nitrogen Gas Stream



H.R.Maier, J.Baron, R.G.McLaughlan

Using online Roleplay simulations for Teaching Sustainability Principles to Engineering Students



P.Paraskeva, E.Diamadopoulos,

M.Balakrishnan, V.S.Batra,

A.Kraslawski, Y.Avramenko,

N.Ratnayake, B.Gunawarrdana,

D.Gutierrez, O.Anson, and T.Mungcharoen

Ed Wave: an Educational software for Training in Wastewater Technologies using Virtual Application Sites


Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research,

Engineering Design, Power Electronics, Chemical Engineering,

Biomedical Engineering,

Mobile Learning and  Microelectronics





Early Warning System to Identify Poor Time Management Habits



S.S.Smith, K.P.Saunders, P.Antonenko,

T.Green, N.Peterson and A.D.Thompson

Experiences in Using Virtual Reality in Design and Graphics Classrooms



N.Forcada, M.Casals, X.Roca and


Students’ Perceptions and Performance with Traditional vs. Blended Learning Methods in an Industrial Plants course



P.Bauer, J.Dudak, D.Maga and V.Hajek

Distance Practical Education for Power Electronics



S.Bucak, Z.Tuiebakhova and N.Kadirgan

Bridging the Gap Between Chemical Engineering Education and Industrial Practice




MATLAB for Teaching Doppler Ultrasound Blood Flow Signal Analysis to Biomedical Engineering Students



F.Novak, A.Biasizzo, Y.Bertrand,

M-L.Flottes, L.Balado, J.Figueras,

S.Di Carlo, P.Prinetto, N.Pricopi,

H-J.Wunderlich and J-P.van der Hayden

Academic Network for Microelectronic Test Education





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