Volume 24 number 2,2008


Special Issue


Design and Engineering Education in a Flat World


Guest Editor:


Clive L. Dym, Harvey-Mudd College










Clive L.Dym

Guest Editorial



Clive L. Dym

Educating Engineers for a Flat World



Chris Scolese

Design and Engineering Education for Space Exploration in a Flat World



Assessing Flat World Skills





A Comparative Study on Undergraduate and Practicing Engineer Knowledge of the Roles of Problem Definition and Idea Generation in Design



C.J.Atman, K.Yasuhara, R.S.Adams,

T.Barker, J.Turns, and  E.Rhone

Breadth in Problem Scoping:A Comparison of Freshman and Senior Engineering Students



M.Cardella, C.J.Atman,J.Turns,

and R.S.Adams

Students with Differing Design Processes as Freshmen: Case Studies on Change



M.V.Manuel, A.F.McKenna, and


Hierarchical Model for Coaching Technical Design Teams



Flat World Teaching and Design Tools




D.A.Guerra-Zubiaga, H.Elizalde,

C.I.Riviera, and R.Ramirez

Product Life-Cycle Management Tools and Collaborative Tools applied to an Automotive Case Study



D.Schaefer, J.H.Panchal, S.K.Choi,

and F.Mistree

Strategic Design of Engineering Education for the Flat World



J.Hey, J.Linsey. A.M.Agogino

and K.L.Wood

Analogies and Metaphors in Creative Design



Cross Cultural considerations




G.E.Okudan, H.Thevenot, Y.Zhang

and M.Schuurman

Cultures and Systems of Thought: A Preliminary Investigation on Implications for the Design Process and its Artifacts



D.F.Ollis, A.Kennedy, M.Granger

and R.Brent

Addressing "Engineering Solutions in Global and Societal Context" Through an Integrated Foreign Language Immersion Experience



P.Little, D.Barney and R.Hink

Living Up to the Code: Engineering as Political Judgment



E.Gonzalez, D.Guerra-Zubiaga,

P.Orta and M.Contero

Cross Cultural Issues on Globally Dispersed Design Team Performance: The PACE Project Experiences



International Curricula




C.L.Magee, D.Ringo and


Engineering Design and Product Development: a Focus of the MIT- Portugal Program



N.T.Kirkland, V.L.Vitanov

and D.Schaefer

An Investigation into Using Current Information Technologies to Provide Engineering Education to Sub- Saharan Africa



M.M.Mehalik, M.Lovell and


Product Realization for Global Opportunities: Learning Collaborative Design in an International Setting



P.Skogstad, R.M.Currano and


An Experiment in Design Pedagogy Transfer Across Cultures and Disciplines



Communication and Teamwork




P.Hirsch and A.F.McKenna

Using Reflection to Promote Teamwork Understanding in Engineering Design Education



L.McNair, M.C.Paretti and


Case Study of Prior Knowledge: Expectations and Identity Constructions in Interdisciplinary, Cross-cultural Virtual Collaboration



M.Yang and Y.Jin

An Examination of Team Effectiveness in Distributed and Co-located Engineering Teams



Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design




J.P.Terpenny, R.M.Goff,

V.K.Lohani and J.Mullin

Preparing Globally and Socially Conscious Engineers: International and Human-Centered Design Projects and Activities in the First Year



C.L.Cobb, A.M.Agogino,

S.L.Beckman and L.Speer

Enabling and Characterizing Twenty-First Century Skills in New Product Development Teams



B.Hariharan, S.Shariq and


When Understanding Follows “Experiencing”: A Report from Research in the Field



J.W.Wesner and C.L.Dym

What We Have Learned at Mudd Design Workshop VI: “Design and Engineering Education in a Flat World”




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