Contents volume 24 number 4


Part I


Special Issue:Trends in Software Engineering Education


Guest Editors: Levent Yilmaz and Stephen H. Edwards









S.H.Edwards and L.Yilmaz

Guest Editorial



R.Casallas and N.Lopez

An Environment to Help Develop Professional Software Engineering Skills for Undergraduate Students††††††††††††



L.Layman, L.Williams, K.Slaten,

S.Berenson and M.Vouk

Addressing Diverse Needs through a Balance of Agile and Plan-driven Software Development Methodologies in the Core Software Engineering Course††††



P.N.Robillard and M.Dulipovici

Teaching Agile versus Disciplined processes



W-H Wu, W-F Chen, T-L Wang

and C-H Su

Developing and Evaluating a Game-Based Software Engineering Educational System



S.Minocha, M.Petre and D.Roberts

Using WIKIS to Simulate Distributed Requirements Development in a Software Engineering Course




The Software Enterprise: Practicing Best Practices in Software Engineering Education††



G. Jimenez-Diaz, M. Gomez-Albarran and P.A. Gonzalez-Calero

Teaching GoF Design Patterns through Refactoring and Role-Play




What can Software Engineering Students Learn from Studying Open Source Software ?




Adopting Lakatos in a Software Engineering Course†††††



P.Lago, H.Muccini, L.Beus-Dukic, I.Crnkovic and S.Punnekkat

GSEEM: a European Master Program on Global Software Engineering†††



F.Garcia, M.Serrano, J.A.Cruz-Lemus, M.Genero, C.Calero and M.Piattini

Empirical Studies in Software Engineering Courses: Some Pedagogical Experiences




Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering,

Simulation and Manufacturing Engineering


A.Kolmos, X-YDu,M.Dahms

and P.Qvist

Staff Development for Change to Problem Based Learning



S.Zemke and D.F.Elger

Developing a Practical Tutoring Model Based on Elements in Naturalistic Tutoring and Cognitive Theory††




The Impact of Stress on Student Tardiness and Subsequent Throughput Rate of Engineering Students: A Case Study††



S.Palmer, S.Bray and W.Hall

What is the On-campus Experience?Engineering Student Study and Work



A.Rizwan, M.S.Alvi and M.M.Hammouda

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Satisfaction Levels of Engineering Students††




Presenting Female Role Models in Civil Engineering: An Outreach Activity to Help Teachers Overcome Their Misperceptions of Engineers††



A.Perles, J.Albaladejo, J.Vte. Capella, J.M.Martinez, H.Hassan and C.Dominguez-

Design and Application of a Data Acquisition Card Simulatorfor Electronic Engineering Studies††




A Teaching Strategy for Developing Application specific Architectures for FPGAs



Y-B.Park, Y.Lee, J.Kang and B.Wang

The Effects of 3D-Simulation-Based Instruction on Studentsí Achievement and Interests in a Manufacturing Engineering Class











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