Contents Volume 24-5



Part I


Special Issue on Assessment (1)

Guest Editor: Gloria Rogers



M. S. Wald Editorial


Gloria Rogers Guest Editorial

M. Liu, P-F. Chang, A. M. Wo, J-Y. Yen, Y-B. Yang

and C-H. Wei

Quality Assurance of Engineering Education through Accreditation of  Programs in Taiwan

A. C. Estes, R. W. Welch and S. J. Ressler

Program Assessment: A Structured, Systematic, Sustainable Example for Civil Engineers

Z. A. Yamayee and R. J. Albright

Direct and Indirect Assessment Methods: Key Ingredients for Continuous Quality Improvement and ABET Accreditation

L. A. Shay, K. L. Huggins, J. R. S. Blair and B. L. Shoop

Approaches to Increasing the Efficiency of an Effective Outcome Assessment Process

K. J. Reid and E. M. Cooney

Implementing Rubrics as Part of an Assessment Plan

T. Flateby and R. Fehr

Assessing and Improving Writing in the Engineering Curriculum

D. Riley and L. Claris

Developing and Assessing Students' Ability to Engage in Lifelong Learning

W. Lefevre, J. W. Steadman, J. S. Tietjen, K. R. White

and D. L. Whitman

Objective and Quantitative Outcomes Assessment Using the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination

J. A. Marin-Garcia, C. Miralles and M-P. Marín

Oral Presentation and Assessment Skills in Engineering Education


Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Computer Studies, Industrial and

Systems Engineering, Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering,

Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering


K. W. Jablokow

Developing Problem Solving Leadership: A Cognitive Approach

R. Parkhurst, B.M. Moskal, J. Lucena, G.L.Downey,

T. Bigley and S. Elber

Engineering Cultures: Comparing Student Learning in Online and Classroom Based Implementations

W. E. Eder

Self-Starting Graduates - An Impression of Industry's Needs

A. Zeid and S. Kamarthi

Best Teaching Practices in Database Courses for Engineering Students

Z. O. Abu-Faraj

Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering Education and Career Development: Literature Review, Definitions, and Constructive Recommendations

A. L. Carrano, M. E. Kuhl and M. M. Marshall

Integration of an Experiential Assembly System Engineering Laboratory Module

E. Gómez, J. Caja, C. Barajas, P. Maresca

and M. Berzal

Development and Application of a New Interactive Model for the Teaching of Manufacturing Engineering Technology

R. García-Gil, J. M. Espí and J. Castelló

Computer Simulation of Power Factor Corrected Circuits

J. Dudrik and P. Bauer

New Methods in Teaching of Power Electronics Converters and Devices



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