Contents Vol 25-5




Part I

Special Issue: Educational Applications of

Product Lifecycle Management Systems


Guest Editors:

Arturo Molina Gutiérrez, Eduardo González Mendívil, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

Young B. Moon, Syracuse University, USA

Manuel Contero, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain



A. Ibrahim




A. M. Gutiérrez, E. G. Mendívil, Y. B. Moon

and M. Contero

Guest Editorial (1): Educational Applications of Product Lifecycle Management Systems



Gloria Rogers

Guest Editorial (2): Assessment



M. Gutiérrez and F. Sastrón

A Computer Simulation Game for Learning Product Lifecycle Planning Through the Engineer-To-Order Case



Y. B. Moon

Teaching Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Enterprise Systems



C. Vila, J. V. Abellán-Nebot, A. M. Estruch and H. R. Siller

Collaborative Product Development Experience in a Senior Integrated and Manufacturing Course



F. J. Sánchez Alejo, J. M. López Martínez,

F. Jiménez Alonso and A. Mora Sotomayor

Integrated Use of PLM and Life Cycle Energy Analysis Software in Teaching Automobile Life Cycles



Part II

Special Issue: Assessment (2)

Guest Editor:

Gloria Rogers, ABET, Inc.


K. A. Tarnoff

Using Interdisciplinary Teams to Develop an Assessment System and Change Organizational Culture



D. B. Sanderson

Assessment in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at East Tennessee State University: An Overview



K. K. Bender and T. J. Siller

Raising the Utility of Assessment: Developing Evidence Systematically to Satisfy the Institution, ABET and Regional Accreditation



J. K. Estell

Streamlining the Assessment Process with the Faculty Course Assessment Report



H. Welch, D. Suri and E. Durant

Rubrics for Assessing Oral Communication in the Capstone Design Experience: Development, Application, Analysis and Refinement





Part III

Contributions in: Electromagnetics, Control Engineering,

Agricultural Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Web-based Learning,

Design Methods, Global Projects, Students' Satisfaction and Motivation


E. G. Bakhoum

Experimental Demonstration of a Fundamental Concept in Electromagnetics



N. Aliane

Use of Spreadsheets in Control Engineering Education



S. R. Turns, L. L. Pauley and S. E. Zappe

Active and Collaborative Learning in a First Course in Fluid Mechanics Implementation and Transfer



C. Fernández, E. Soria, A. J. Serrano,

J. D. Martín-Guerrero, R. Magdalena

and M. Martínez

Simucapra: Educational Software Application for Animal Nutrition based on MATLAB



M. Stefanovic, M. Matijevic,

and V. Cvijetkovic

Web-Based Laboratories for Distance Learning



M. C. Kasapbaşi and H. S. Varol

Knowledge Management Integrated Web Based Information Security Course Tutoring System



Q. A. Memon and S. A. Khoja:

Semantic Web Approach to Academic Program Assessment



M. G. Green, D. Jensen,

C. C. Seepersad and K. L. Wood

Design for Frontier Contexts: Classroom Assessment of a New Design Methodology with Humanitarian Applications



C. S. Sankar, P. K. Raju and H. Clayton

Preparing Students for Global Research Experiences: US-India Summer




N. Fang

Electronic Classroom Response System for an Engineering Dynamics Course: Student Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes



K. M. Y. Law and K. B. Chuah

What Motivates Engineering Students? A Study in Taiwan


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