Vol 27-6





Section I


Special Issue

Capstone Design


Guest Editors


Susannah Howe

Smith College, USA

Jay Goldberg

Marquette University, USA

Scott Palo

University of Colorado, USA

Janis Terpenny

Iowa State University, USA


Ahmad Ibrahim


Susannah Howe, Jay Goldberg Scott Palo and Janis Terpenny

Guest Editorial—The 2010 Capstone Design Conference



Patricia Brackin, Dean Knudson, Bahram Nassersharif and Deborah O’Bannon

Pedagogical Implications of Project Selection in Capstone Design Courses



Susannah Howe, Kevin Caves, Carsten Kleiner, Glen Livesay, Judith Shaul Norback, Renee Rogge, Cameron Turner and Tristan Utschig

Nifty Ideas and Surprising Flops in Capstone Design Education



Angela Shartrand and Phil Weilerstein

Strategies to Promote Entrepreneurial Learning in Engineering Capstone Courses



Marie Paretti, Richard Layton, Stephen Laguette and Greg Speegle

Managing and Mentoring Capstone Design Teams: Considerations and Practices for Faculty



Angela R. Bielefeldt, Mandar M. Dewoolkar, Kevin M. Caves, Bruce W. Berdanier and Kurtin G. Paterson

Diverse Models for Incorporating Service Projects into Engineering Capstone Design Courses



Alan Parkinson, Holt Zaugg and Isaku Tateishi

Global Virtual Teams: A New Frontier for Capstone Design



Paul Kauffmann and Gene Dixon

Vetting Industry Based Capstone Projects Considering Outcome Assessment Goals



Gregg M. Warnick and Robert H. Todd

Importance of Providing Intellectual Property to Sponsoring Companies When Recruiting Capstone Projects



R. Keith Stanfill and Oscar D. Crisalle

Mentoring the Project Coach: Effective Propagation of Pedagogical Techniques, Resources, and Know-How



Mark Steiner, Junichi Kanai, Cheng Hsu,

Holistic Assessment of Student Performance in Multidisciplinary Engineering Capstone Design Projects

Richard Alben and Lester Gerhardt


Kenneth J. Reid and John K. Estell

Incorporation of Poverty Alleviation in Third World Countries in a First- Year Engineering Capstone Course



Michael W. Glier, Susanne R. Schmidt, Julie S. Linsey and Daniel A. McAdams

Distributed Ideation: Idea Generation in Distributed Capstone Engineering Design Teams



Gregg L. Fiegel and Jay S. Denatale

Civil Engineering Capstone Design: Team Formation, Preparation, and Performance



Jay McCormack, Steve Beyerlein, Patricia Brackin, Denny Davis, Michael Trevisan, Howard Davis, Jennifer Lebeau, Robert Gerlick, Phillip Thompson, M. Javed Khan, Paul Leiffer and Susannah Howe

Assessing Professional Skill Development in Capstone Design Courses



Ben Sherrett and John P. Parmigiani

Implementation of the House of Quality as a Tool to Assess Products of Design in a Capstone Design Course



Section II


Contributions in: Students Performance, Problem-based Learning,

Control Systems, and Industry Needs

Ali Yalcin and Autar Kaw

Do Homework Grading Policies Affect Student Learning?

J. C. F. de Winter and D. Dodou

Predicting Academic Performance in Engineering Using High School Exam Scores



Ning Fang

Tree of Dynamics: A Modified Concept Mapping Approach to Improving Students’ Conceptual Understanding in Engineering Dynamics



Liliana Fernández Samacá, Kirsten Mølgaard Nielsen, José Miguel Ramírez and Anette Kolmos

Comparison of PBL Curricula within Control Engineering Education



R. Aguilar, V. Muñoz and E. J. González

Laboratory Approach for Teaching and Learning Intelligent Control

Jean-Sébastien Deschênes

Integration of Local Industry Theme Examples in Process Control Education: a Case from North-Eastern Quebec



Joy Watson and Jed Lyons

Aligning Academic Preparation of Engineering Ph.D. Programs with the Needs of Industry




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