Vol 28-2








Mudd Design Workshop VIII

Design Education: Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Guest Editor: Clive Dym


Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design

Director, Center for Design Education, Department of Engineering

Harvey Mudd College


Cover and Abstracts


Ahmad Ibrahim




Clive L. Dym

Guest Editorial



Clive L. Dym

Engineering Design @ HMC: A Testament to Innovation and Entrepreneurship



Alice Merner Agogino

Finding One’s Way



Martin Steinert and Larry J. Leifer

‘Finding One’s Way’: Re-Discovering a Hunter-Gatherer Model based on Wayfaring



Daniel M. Ferguson and Matthew W. Ohland

What is Engineering Innovativeness?



Ann F. McKenna and Adam R. Carberry

Characterizing the Role of Modeling in Innovation



Rebecca M. Currano and Martin Steinert

A Framework for Reflective Practice in Innovative Design



Roger Burton, Lizabeth Schlemer and

Linda Vanasupa

Transformational Innovation: Reflections on How to Foster it in Engineering Education Systems



Kimberly E. Bigelow

Student Perspectives in an All-Female First-Year Engineering Innovation Course



Kimberly Lau, Sara L. Beckman and

Alice M. Agogino

Diversity in Design Teams: An Investigation of Learning Styles and their Impact on Team Performance and Innovation



Jinny Rhee, David Parent and Clifton Oyamot

Influence of Personality on a Senior Project Combining Innovation and Entrepreneurship



Michele V. Manuel, Ann F. McKenna and

Gregory B. Olson

Supporting Students’ Technical Innovation in Capstone Design: Insights into the Human Connection



Elizabeth M. Gerber, Jeanne Marie Olson and

Rebecca L. D. Komarek

Extracurricular Design-Based Learning: Preparing Students for Careers in Innovation



Mary Kathryn Thompson

Fostering Innovation in Cornerstone Design Courses



David S. Strong

An Approach for Improving Design and Innovation Skills in Engineering Education: The Multidisciplinary Design Stream



Jay R. Goldberg

Learning to Identify Unmet Needs and New Product Opportunities



Samantha R. Brunhaver, Micah Lande,

Sheri D. Sheppard and J. Edward Carryer

Fostering an Enterprising Learning Ecology for Engineers



Sara L. Beckman and Michael Barry

Teaching Students Problem Framing Skills with a Storytelling Metaphor



Aditya Johri and Hon Jie Teo

Assessing the Effectiveness of Open Organizing as a Model for Re-designing Design Learning



Dirk Schaefer, Jitesh H. Panchal, J. Lane Thames,

Sammy Haroon and Farrokh Mistree

Educating Engineers for the Near Tomorrow



Christopher L. Magee, Pey Kin Leong, Chen Jin,

Jianxi Luo and Daniel D. Frey

Beyond R&D: What Design adds to a Modern Research University



Ulrik Jørgensen and Andrés Valderrama

Entrepreneurship and Response Strategies to Challenges in Engineering and Design Education



Jay McCormack, Steve Beyerlein, Denny Davis, Michael Trevisan, Jennifer Lebeau, Howard Davis, Susannah Howe, Patricia Brackin, Phillip Thompson, Robert Gerlick, M. Javed Khan and Paul Leiffer

Contextualizing Professionalism in Capstone Projects Using the IDEALS Professional Responsibility Assessment



Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Teri Reed-Rhoads and

Shiva Haghighi

Engineering Students and Entrepreneurship Education: Involvement, Attitudes and Outcomes



Ken Yasuhara, Micah Lande, Helen L. Chen,

Sheri D. Sheppard and Cynthia J. Atman

Educating Engineering Entrepreneurs: A Multi-Institution Analysis



Juan Garcia, Joe Sinfield, Aman Yadav and

Robin Adams

Learning Through Entrepreneurially Oriented Case-Based Instruction



Z. Maria Oden, Marcia K. O’Malley, Gary Woods,

Thomas Kraft and Brad Burke

Outcomes of Recent Efforts at Rice University to Incorporate Entrepreneurship Concepts into Interdisciplinary Capstone Design



Shanna R. Daly, James L. Christian, Seda Yilmaz,

Colleen M. Seifert and Richard Gonzalez

Assessing Design Heuristics for Idea Generation in an Introductory Engineering Course



Arlindo Silva and Luis Faria

Two Approaches to Design Teaching in a Mechanical Engineering Curriculum



Lora Oehlberg, Ian Leighton, Alice Agogino and

Björn Hartmann

Teaching Human-Centered Design Innovation across Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences



Wm. Michael Butler, Janis P. Terpenny, Richard M. Goff, Rajkumar S. Pant and Heidi M. Steinhauer

Improving the Aerospace Capstone Design Experience Through Simulation Based Learning



Aaron Altman, Clive L. Dym, Ray Hurwitz and

John W. Wesner

The Key Ideas of MDW VIII: A Summary




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