Vol 28-5





Guide for Authors


Section I

Special Issue


Current Trends in Nanotechnology Education


Guest Editors


Wei-Fan Chen and Tony Jun Huang—The Pennsylvania State University, USA


Ahmad Ibrahim




Wei-Fan Chen and Tony Jun Huang

Guest Editorial



Santosh Devasia and Jim L. Borgford-Parnell

Integrating Nanopositioner Design Issues into an Existing Automatic Controls Course through Homework



Charles Xie and Hee-Sun Lee

A Visual Approach to Nanotechnology Education



Alejandra J. Magana, Sean P. Brophy

and George M. Bodner

An Exploratory Study of Engineering and Science Students’ Perceptions of nanoHUB.org Simulations



Alejandra J. Magana, Sean P. Brophy

and George M. Bodner

Student Views of Engineering Professors Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Integrating Computational Simulation Tools in Nanoscale Science and Engineering



Deepa Chari, Paul Irving, Robert Howard

and Brian Bowe

Identifying Knowledge, Skill and Competence for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research: A Study of Postgraduate Researchers’ Experiences



Eva Erdosne Toth and J. Kasi Jackson

Pedagogical Challenges for Nanotechnology Education: Getting Science and Engineering Students to Examine Societal and Ethical Issues



Beth Rajan Sockman, John Ristvey

and Christine S. Jones

Student Understanding of Nanoscience through the Gecko’s Surface to Surface Interactions



Tzy-Ling Chen, Horn-Jiunn Sheen, Hsiu-Ping Yueh,

Feng-Kuang Chiang and Po-Wei Chang

Designing Nano-biotechnology Summer Camp with Experiential Learning Theory



Christopher Moraes

Pop Culture: A Soap Bubble-based Framework for Nanoeducation Outreach


Section II


Contributions in: Education Research, Outreach, Mobile Learning, Educational

Technology, Mechatronics, Bioprocess, Problem Based Learning, Active Learning,

Teaching Grant Proposal Writing, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Training,

Civil Engineering, Simulation, Soft Skills, International Perspective


Cynthia J. Atman, Sheri D. Sheppard, Jennifer Turns,

Robin S. Adams, Ken Yasuhara and Dennis Lund

The Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education: A Review of Results and Resources



Kerry L. Meyers, Victoria Goodrich and Jay Brockman

I2D2: Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, and Design



Kimiko Ryokai, Alice M. Agogino and Lora Oehlberg

Mobile Learning with the Engineering Pathway Digital Library



Zeljka Mihajlovic and Marko Cupic

Software Environment for Learning and Knowledge Assessment Based on Graphical Gadgets



Rajwardhan Patil, John Wagner, Todd Schweisinger,

Randy Collins, Anand Gramopadhye and Moira Hanna

A Multi-Disciplinary Mechatronics Course with Assessment—Integrating Theory and Application through Laboratory Activities



Richard R. Williams, Stacy Klein- Gardner, Loren Limberis

and Stephanie T. Sullivan

The Implementation of a Challenge-Based Curriculum into a Bioprocess Engineering Program



Alias Masek and Sulaiman Yamin

A Comparative Study of the Effect of Problem Based Learning and Traditional Learning Approaches on Students’ Knowledge Acquisition



Ning Fang

A Student-Centered Active Learning Approach to Teaching Grant Proposal Writing in a Ph.D. in Engineering Education Program


Veda Duman and Sule Ergun

Fluid Mechanics Experimental Set-up Designed and Built by Graduate Student for Undergraduates



Miguel Torres Garcia, Fco José Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar, Elisa Carvajal Trujillo and José Antonio Becerra Villanueva

Educational Software for Diesel Engine Simulation Performance and Parametric Analysis



M. L. Wang, Q. Y. Dai, Ray Y. Zhong and George Q. Huang

RFID-enabled Real-time Mechanical Workshop Training Center



Sami W. Tabsh, Akmal Abdelfatah, Mohammad Alhamaydeh and Sherif Yehia

Comparison of Civil Engineering Curricula in the Arab World



Hoda Baytiyeh

Disparity between College Preparation and Career Demands for Graduating Engineers



Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah, Sim Hock Keat, Aziah Ismail, Mohamad Hanif Abdullah and Miduk Purba

Mismatch between Higher Education and Employment in Malaysian Electronic Industry: An Analysis of the Acquired and Required Competencies



Hossein Motahhari-Nejad, Nader G. Ghourchian, Parivash Jafari and Mahmood Yaghoubi

Global Approach for Reforming Engineering Education in Iran