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Section I

Special Issue

Selected papers from the 2012 International STEM in Education Conference,

 Beijing, P. R. China


Guest Editor

Feng-Kuang Chiang—School of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education,

Beijing Normal University, Beijing, P. R. China


Ahmad Ibrahim




Feng-Kuang Chiang

Guest Editorial



Peter Hudson, Lyn D. English and Les Dawes

Female Students’ Interactions in a Middle School Engineering Project: A Case Study



Merilyn (Lyn) G. Carter

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words: A Cross-curricular Approach to Learning about Visuals in STEM



Guo-Wei Chen and Chung-Shan Sun

Acceptance Level of Junior High School Students of Network Educational Games



Kar-Tin Lee and Rod Nason

The Recruitment of STEM-Talented Students into Teacher Education Programs



Samson M. Nashon and David Anderson

Teacher Change: The Effect of Student Learning on Science Teachers’ Teaching in Kenya



Gillian Kidman, Stephen Keast and

Rebecca Cooper

Enhancing Preservice Teacher Learning through Slowmation Animation



Su Cai, Feng-Kuang Chiang and Xu Wang

Using the Augmented Reality 3D Technique for a Convex Imaging Experiment in a Physics Course


Section II

Contributions in: Creativity, Problem-Based Learning, Motivation, Retention, Student Stress, Professional Skills, Oral Presentations, Ethical Reasoning, Assessment, Computing Engineering, Virtual Laboratories, Software Tutorials, Robot Simulation, Architectural Design, Physics & Engineering, Outreach


Chunfang Zhou and Anette Kolmos

Interplay between Individual Creativity and Group Creativity in Problem and Project-Based Learning (PBL) Environment in Engineering Education



DeLean A. Tolbert and Shanna R. Daly

First-Year Engineering Student Perceptions of Creative Opportunities in Design



Josep M. Mateo-Sanz, Carme Olive´ and Dolors Puigjaner

Two New Moodle Modules for the Enhancement of a Problem-Based Learning Approach



Zin Eddine Dadach

Quantifying the Effects of an Active Learning Strategy on the Motivation of Students



Brandi N. Geisinger and D. Raj Raman

Why They Leave: Understanding Student Attrition from Engineering Majors



Ali Rizwan, Muhammad Abbas Choudhary, Mirza Jahanzaib, Ali Imran, Umair Manzoor and Ammar Ali

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Stress Level of Engineering Students from Remote Areas



Ashrif A. Bakar, Rosdiadee Nordin,

Nasharuddin Zainal, Khadijah Alavi, M. M. Mustafa and H. Hussain

Nurturing Engineering Enthusiasm and Soft Skills in High School Students



Luc de Grez and Martin Valcke

Student Response System and How to Make Engineering Students Learn Oral Presentation Skills



Ewa A. Rudnicka, Mary Besterfield-Sacre

and Larry J. Shuman

Development and Evaluation of a Model to Assess Engineering Ethical Reasoning and Decision Making



Mohamed Sharaf, Abdullah Alsadaawi, Mohamed Elmadany, Saeed Al-Zahrani and Abdelhamid Ajbar

Identification of Top Competencies Required from Engineering Graduates: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia



Desmond Adair and Martin Jaeger

A Scoring Method Based on Simple Probability Theory that Considers Partial Knowledge and Omission of Answers in Multiple-Choice Testing



Carme Mart´ın, Toni Urp´ı, M. Jose´ Casany, Xavier Burgue´s, Carme Quer, M. Elena Rodr´ıguez and Alberto Abello´

Improving Learning in a Database Course using Collaborative Learning Techniques



Boris Blostotsky, Elia Efraim and Yuri Ribakov

Virtual Laboratory for Studying Seismic Response of Base Isolated Bridges



Dragoljub Novakovic´, Neda Milic´ and

Branko Milosavljevic´

Animated vs. Illustrated Software Tutorials: Screencasts for Acquisition and Screenshots for Recalling



Jer-Vui Lee, Zahari Taha, Hwa-Jen Yap and Azeddien Kinsheel

Constructivist Game-based Robotics Simulator in Engineering Education



Sherif El-Fiki

Towards a Process-based Model for Teaching Architectural Design, with Reference to Design Studio One



Aharon Gero

Interdisciplinary Program on Aviation Weapon Systems as a Means of Improving High School Students’ Attitudes towards Physics and Engineering




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