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Special Issue


Section I

Selected Papers from the 2012 Capstone Design Conference


Guest Editors

Susannah Howe—Smith College, Northampton MA, USA

Jay Goldberg—Marquette University, Milwaukee WI, USA

Scott Palo—University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA

Peter RogersThe Ohio State University, Columbus OH, USA



Ahmad Ibrahim


Susannah Howe, Jay Goldberg, Scott Palo and Peter Rogers

Guest Editorial

Jay Goldberg, Vikram Cariapa, George Corliss and Kate Kaiser

Benefits of Industry Involvement in Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Courses

Jimmy L. Trent, Jr. and Robert H. Todd

Bridging Capstone Design with Industry Needs through Communication Training and Involvement,

John K. Estell and Juliet K. Hurtig

Adopting Best Corporate Practices for Capstone Courses: A Case Study at Ohio Northern University

Julie A. Reyer, Martin Morris and Scott Post

Capstone Teams: An Industry Based Model

Judith Shaul Norback, Page F. Rhoad, Susannah Howe and Linda A. Riley

Student Reflections on Capstone Design: Experiences with Industry-Sponsored Projects

Jennifer Lebeau, Michael Trevisan, Jay McCormack, Steven Beyerlein, Denny Davis, Paul Leiffer, Phillip Thompson, Howard Davis, Susannah Howe, Patricial Brackin, Robert Gerlick and M. Javed Khan

Alumni Perspective on Professional Skills Gained Through Integrated Assessment and Learning

Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Jessamine Pilcher, Phil Weilerstein and Chad Gotch

Undergraduate Involvement in Intellectual Property Protection at Universities: Views from Technology Transfer Professionals

Gene Dixon

Capstone Project Problem Statements: Art or Science?

Beshoy Morkos, Joshua D. Summers and Samantha Thoe

A Comparative Survey of Domestic and International Experiences in Capstone Design

Charles Pezeshki

Influencing Performance Development in Student Design Groups through Relational Development

Imran Hyder, Drew Arnold, Javier Calvo-Amodio and John P. Parmigiani

Using Graduate Assistants as Project Advisers for Externally-Sponsored Capstone Design Projects


Section II

Contributions in: Systems Design, Creativity, Imagination, First Generation Students, Diversity, Retention, Leadership Styles, Learning Styles, Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Improving Students’ Performance, Engineering Mathematics, Examinations, Distance Learning, Computer-Based Assessment, Project-Based Learning, Laboratory Activities, Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering, LabVIEW


P. Godfrey, R. Deakin Crick and

S. Huang

Systems Thinking, Systems Design and Learning Power in Engineering Education

Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Bernard C. Jiang and Chaoyun Liang

How Does Human Aggregate Moderate the Effect of Inspiration through Action on the Imagination of Engineering Majors?


Julie P. Martin, Denise R. Simmons and Shirley L. Yu

Family Roles in Engineering Undergraduates’ Academic and Career Choices: Does Parental Educational Attainment Matter?


Walter C. Lee, Holly M. Matusovich and Philip R. Brown

Measuring Underrepresented Student Perceptions of Inclusion within Engineering Departments and Universities


Luis Manuel Cerda´  Sua´rez and

Wilmar Herna´ndez Perdomo

Social Perspective for Evaluating the Relationship between Leadership Style and Performance of the Professor in the Classroom



Ning Fang and Xiuli Zhao

Cross-Cultural Comparison of Learning Style Preferences between American and Chinese Undergraduate Engineering Students

V. Kovaichelvan and R. Nandagopal

Improving the Performance of Engineering Students with Aspiration, Innate Ability through Competency based Education


Desmond Adair and Martin Jaeger

Making Engineering Mathematics More Relevant Using a Computer Algebra System


Arthur James Swart and Trudy Sutherland

Student Perspectives of Open Book versus Closed Book Examinations— a Case Study in Satellite Communication


Charles Xie, Zhihui Zhang, Saeid Nourian, Amy Pallant and Edmund Hazzard

Time Series Analysis Method for Assessing Engineering Design Processes Using a CAD Tool


Weijane Lin, Hsiu-Ping Yueh and Jui-Jen Chou

Electronic Pet Robots for Mechatronics Engineering Education: A Project-Based Learning Approach


Ming-Der Jean

Integration of a Project-Based Learning Strategy with Laboratory Activity: A Case Study of a Nanotechnology Exploration Project


Carlos V. Miguel, Luis C. Matos, Ferna˜o D. Magalha˜es, Luis M. Madeira

and Ade´lio Mendes

Membrane Ultrafiltration for Oil-from-Water Separation: Multidisciplinary Lab Experiment


Yu¨cel Ug˘urlu

The Impact of Blended Learning on LabVIEW Certification Test Scores— A Case Study





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