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Contributions in: Assessment, Social Capital, Motivation, Team Work,

Transferable Skills, STEM Teaching, Capstone Design, Design Based Learning,

Technology in Education, Software Engineering, Agricultural Engineering,

 Mechanical Systems, Nanotechnology, Digital Communications


Ahmad Ibrahim




Charles Xie, Zhihui Zhang, Saeid Nourian, Amy Pallant and Siobhan Bailey

On the Instructional Sensitivity of CAD Logs



Goran Martinovic´ and Bruno Zoric´

Web Application for Knowledge Assessment



Jillian Seniuk Cicek, Sandra Ingram and Nariman Sepehri

Outcomes-Based Assessment in Action: Engineering Faculty Examine Graduate Attributes in their Courses



Marta Me´ndez, Santiago Mart´ın, Natalia Arias, Ramo´n Rubio and Jorge L. Arias

Assessment of Visual and Memory Components of Spatial Ability in Engineering Students who have Studied Technical Drawing



Shane Brown, David Street and Julie P. Martin

Engineering Student Social Capital in an Interactive Learning Environment



Julie P. Martin, Matthew K. Miller and Denise R. Simmons

Exploring the Theoretical Social Capital ‘‘Deficit’’ of First Generation College Students: Implications for Engineering Education



Kathryn F. Trenshaw, Geoffrey L. Herman, Kerri A. Green and David E. Goldberg

Fostering Motivation as a Class Objective in a Large Engineering Class for Second-Year Students: A Narrative Approach



Nicholas D. Fila and Michael C. Loui

Structured Pairing in a First-Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratory: The Effects on Student Retention, Attitudes, and Teamwork



Pedro Sa´nchez, Ba´rbara A´ lvarez and Andre´s Iborra

Improving Transferable Skills in Engineering Education through a Pre-Incubation Semester



Ibrahim Zeid, Jessica Chin, Claire Duggan and Sagar Kamarthi

Engineering Based Learning: A Paradigm Shift for High School STEM Teaching



Ibrahim Mohedas, Shanna R. Daly and Kathleen H. Sienko

Design Ethnography in Capstone Design: Investigating Student Use and Perceptions



Viljan Mahnicˇ and Tomazˇ Hovelja

Teaching User Stories within the Scope of a Software Engineering Capstone Course: Analysis of Students’ Opinions



Sonia M. Go´mez Puente, Michiel van Eijck and Wim Jochems

Exploring the Effects of Design-Based Learning Characteristics on Teachers and Students



Renata Burbaite˙, Kristina Bespalova, Robertas Damasˇevicˇius and Vytautas Sˇ tuikys

Context-Aware Generative Learning Objects for Teaching Computer Science



Antonio Garcia-Cabot, Eva Garcia-Lopez, Luis de Marcos, Luis Fernandez and Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Mart´ınez

Adapting Learning Content to User Competences, Context and Mobile Device using a Multi-Agent System: Case Studies



Andre´s Mej´ıas Borrero, Jose´ Manuel Andu´jar Ma´rquez and Marco A. Ma´rquez Sa´nchez

Digital Electronics Augmented Remote Laboratory: DEARLab



Igor Franc, Ivan Stankovic, Irina Branovic and Ranko Popovic

Ontology Based Model of Digital Forensic Virtual Lab and Curriculum Design



Shannon M. Lloyd and Ketra A. Schmitt

Survey of Approaches for Including the Impact of Technology on Society in Canadian Engineering Undergraduate Curricula



Katherine M. Steele, Samantha R. Brunhaver and Sheri D. Sheppard

Feedback from In-class Worksheets and Discussion Improves Performance on the Statics Concept Inventory

Francesco Braghin, Simone Cinquemani and Ferruccio Resta

An Experimental Way to Teach System Modal Description



Alberto Tasco´n, Ramo´n A´ lvarez and Pedro J. Aguado

Analysis of Competencies Required by Agricultural Engineering Graduates


M. Card´ın, M. F. Marey, T. S. Cuesta and C. J. A´ lvarez

Agricultural Engineering Education in Spain



Yeechi Chen, Kieran O’Mahony, Marilyn Ostergren, Sarah Pe´rez-Kriz and Marco Rolandi

Study of Interdisciplinary Visual Communication in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Yaser Dalveren

An Enhanced Course in Digital Communications


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