Vol 30-6A









Contributions in: Motivation, Students’ Perceptions, Teamwork, Board Games,

Decision Making, Gender Diversity, Intellectual Property, Capstone Projects,

Enhancement of Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, Product Design, Design Innovation,

Airfoil Design, Software Engineering, Open Source Tools, Control Systems,

Predictive Control, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Mathematics


Ahmad Ibrahim


Brett D. Jones, Jason W. Osborne,Marie C. Paretti and Holly M. Matusovich

Relationships among Students’ Perceptions of a First-Year Engineering Design Course and their Engineering Identification, Motivational Beliefs, Course Effort, and Academic Outcomes



Antonio Maffei, Hakan Akillioglu and Niels Lohse

Analysis of the Student Perception of the Link between Product and Production System: Towards Effective Strategies to Teach the Holistic Nature of Product Design



Hoda Baytiyeh and Mohamad K. Naja

Motivation to Volunteer in Earthquake Mitigation Programme among Engineering Students



K. R. Hadley

Teaching Teamwork Skills through Alignment of Features within a Commercial Board Game



D. R. Economy, J. L. Sharp, J. P. Martin and M. S. Kennedy

Factors Associated With Student Decision-Making for Participation in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program



Nicholas D. Fila and S¸ enay Purzer

The Relationship between Team Gender Diversity, Idea Variety, and Potential for Design Innovation



Juan F. Valenzuela-Valde´s, Pedro J. Pardo, Jose Luis Padilla and Pablo Padilla

Intellectual Property Course for Engineering Students



Patrick J. Frawley and Niall Prendergast

Enhancement of Learning for Engineering Students through Constructivist Methods



Stanislav Avsec and Slavko Kocijancic

Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning: How do Middle School Students Learn to Maximise the Efficacy of a Water Turbine?


Mert Atilhan, Fadwa Eljack, Hassan Alfadala, Jeffrey E. Froyd, Mahmoud El-Halwagi and Vladimir Mahalec

Inquiry Guided Learning in a Chemical Engineering Core Curriculum: General Instructional Approach and Specific Application to the Fluid Mechanics Case

Jari Vanhanen and Timo O. A. Lehtinen

Software Engineering Problems Encountered by Capstone Project Teams



Deepti Mishra, Tuna Hacaloglu and

Teaching Software Verification and Validation Course: A Case Study

Alok Mishra


Massimo Canale, Valentino Razza and Diego Regruto

Model Predictive Control Education using a Rapid Prototyping Industrial Platform

Piotr Skupin and Dariusz Choin´ski

Microactuator System for Teaching Micropositioning Control System Design


Alicia Perdigones, Eutiquio Gallego, Nieves Garc´ıa, Pilar Ferna´ndez, Enrique Pe´rez-Mart´ın and Jesu´s del Cerro

Physics and Mathematics in the Engineering Curriculum: Correlation with Applied Subjects



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