Vol 30-6 Part B










Special Issue

Engineering Education: Beyond Technical Skills

Part I—Lessons Learned, Good Practices, Assessment Methods


Guest Editors

Araceli Hera´ndez Bayo, Mar´ıa Luisa Mart´ınez Muneta and Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada

Universidad Polite´cnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Araceli Hera´ndez Bayo,

Mar´ıa Luisa Mart´ınez Muneta and

Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada

Guest Editorial



Andre´s D´ıaz Lantada, Araceli

Herna´ndez Bayo and Juan de Juanes Ma´rquez Sevillano

Promotion of Professional Skills in Engineering Education: Strategies and Challenges



Armando Sousa and Ana Mouraz

Promoting ‘Soft Skills’ from the Start of the Engineering Degree and the Case Study of the Special Projeto FEUP’ Course



Martin Hynek, Miroslav Grach and Petr Votapek


Electronic Learning Materials for Machine Design



Ineˆs Direito, Anabela Pereira and A. Manuel de Oliveira Duarte

The Development of Skills in the ICT Sector: Analysis of Engineering Students’ Perceptions about Transversal Skills



Roman Zˇ avbi and Nikola Vukasˇinovic´      

A Concept of Academia–Industry Collaboration to Facilitate the Building of Technical and Professional Competencies in New Product Development



Charles E. Pierce, Juan M. Caicedo, Joseph R. V. Flora, Nicole D. Berge, R Madarshahian and Briana Timmerman

Integrating Professional and Technical Engineering Skills with the EFFECTs Pedagogical Framework



Ismat Aldmour

A New Computer Engineering Curriculum Based on Technology Expansion to Address the Needs of Developing Communities



Sara P. Rimer, Jose F. Alfaro, Lauren B. Stadler, Cinda Sue G. Davis and Herbert G. Winful

Co-Curricular Programs in Liberia for Student Pipeline into Engineering and  Agriculture



Mar´ıa Jesu´s Garc´ıa-Garc´ıa, Esperanza Ayuga-Te´llez, Concepcio´n Gonza´lez- Garc´ıac and Mar´ıa de los A´ ngeles Grande-Ort´ız      

Integration of Teaching Activities for Training in Research Skills in Technical  University  of  Madrid



Benjamin Ahn, Monica F. Cox, Tasha Zephirin, Kehara Taylor, Amadin Osagiede, Yating Haller, Eckhard A. Groll and Stephanie G. Adams

Designing Courses using Case Studies and Content, Assessment, and Pedagogy (CAP) to Cultivate Professional Skills among Engineering Students



Jorge E. Pe´rez-Mart´ınez, Javier Garc´ıa Mart´ın and Ana Isabel L´ıas Quintero

Integrating Generic Competencies into Engineering Curricula



Javier Carmona-Murillo, Miguel A. Mart´ın-Tard´ıo, Juan Arias-Masa, Juan C. Gonza´lez-Mac´ıas, Pedro J. Pardo Ferna´ndez and Juan F. Valenzuela- Valde´s

Providing Professional Skills to Telecommunication Engineers through a Novel  Vertical  Approach



Francisco Falcone, Ana Alejos, Pablo Sanchis and Antonio Lopez-Martin

Enhancing the Development of Multidisciplinary Skills in Engineering Students by Promoting Industry and University Synergy



Marinez Cargnin-Stieler, Marcelo C. M. Teixeira and Edvaldo Assunc¸a˜o

Notes on Competencies in Engineering Education



Beatriz Amante and Lluc Canals

Evaluation of a Pilot Program that Integrated Generic and Specific Skills on Engineering Degree: A Case Study in Catalonia



Maria Martinez, Noelia Olmedo, Beatriz Amante, Oscar Farrerons and Ana Cadenato

Analysis of Assessment Tools of Engineering Degrees



Araceli Herna´ndez Bayo, Isabel Ortiz Marcos, Antonio Carretero D´ıaz, Ma del mar de la Fuente Garc´ıa-Soto, Julio Lumbreras Mart´ın, Ma Luisa Mart´ınez Muneta, Vicente Riveira Rico and Manuel Rodr´ıguez Herna´ndez

Integral Framework to Drive Engineering Education beyond Technical Skills



Carme Mart´ın             

Assessing an Appropriate Attitude towards Work in Engineering Education



Francisco Javier Páez, Carmen García, Miguel Ángel Álvarez, Juan José Herrero and Francisco Aparicio


Assessment of Professional Competencies Promoted by SAE Formula Project: The UPMRacing Case



Raquel Martı́nez, Camino González, Pascual Campoy, Álvaro Garcia-Sánchez and Miguel Ortega-Mier


Do Classes in Cooperative Classrooms Have a Positive Influence on Creativity and Teamwork Skills for Engineering Students?



A´ ngel Garc´ıa-Beltra´n, Santiago Tapia and Mar´ıa-Jesu´s Sa´nchez-Naranjo

Performance and Professional Skills in an Online Java Programming Course for Engineering Students



Angel Me´ndez, Miguel Florensa, Cristina Molleda, Consuelo Ferna´ndez Angel Alcazar, Jose Bruno Ramiro-Diaz, Enrique Sardonil Emilio Manrique and Teresa Montoro

Development of a Method of Assessment of the Problem-Solving Competency at  the  Technical University of  Madrid


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