Vol 31-1B








Special Issue

Engineering Education: Beyond Technical Skills

Part II—Case Studies Linked to the Promotion of Specific Technical Skills

Guest Editors

Araceli Herández Bayo, María Luisa Martínez Muneta and Andrés Díaz Lantada, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Araceli Herández Bayo,

María Luisa Martínez Muneta and

Andrés Díaz Lantada

Guest Editorial



Ignacio De Los Ríos-Carmenado, Fernando Rodriguez López and Cristina Pérez García

Promoting Professional Project Management Skills in Engineering Higher Education: Project-Based Learning (PBL) Strategy



J. L. Perez-Benedito, J. Perez Alvarez and M. J. Casati

PBL in the Teaching of Design in Aeronautical Engineering: Application and Evolution of a Consolidated Methodology



Jorge G. Prada, Ander Lopez de Sabando, Raul Anton and Miguel Martinez-Iturralde

An Analysis of Soft Skills Development of A Formula-Student (SAE)  Team



Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Yi-Lin Liu and Weijane Lin

Fostering Interdisciplinary Learning in a Smart Living Technology  Course through a PBL Approach



Gonzalo Jimenez, Juan Jose Pardo, Emilio Mínguez and Diana Cuervo

Educational Initiatives to Develop Transversal Skills in the  Nuclear Engineering Subjects at Universidad Politécnica de  Madrid



Josep Jordana and Francesc Josep Robert

A Course on Digital Electronics Based on Solving Design-Oriented Exercises by Means of a PBL Strategy



Francesc Roure, Magda Pastor, Jordi Bonada and Lourdes Rodero

Interdisciplinary Engineering Project: Experimental and  Numerical Optimization of a Sandwich Panel



Dorina Gnaur, Kjeld Svidt and Maria Kaae Thygesen

Developing Students’ Collaborative Skills in Interdisciplinary Learning Environments



Mats Daniels and Åsa Cajander, Tony Clear and Roger McDermott

Collaborative Technologies in Global Engineering: New Competencies and Challenges



Pádraig  Cantillon-Murphy, John McSweeney, Louise Burgoyne, Colm O’Tuathaigh and Siún O’Flynn

Addressing Biomedical Problems Through Interdisciplinary Learning: A Feasibility Study



Luis Romero, Iris A. Domínguez, María  Del Mar Espinosa and Manuel Domínguez

Team Work Aptitude Development in the Field of Concurrent   Engineering through ICT Tools: Collaborative  Engineering



Alcínia Z. Sampaio

The Introduction of the BIM Concept in Civil Engineering   Curriculum



Carlos Carbonell Carrera, Norena Martín-Dorta, José LuíSaorín Pérez and Jorge de la Torre Cantero

Specific Professional Skills Development for Engineering Studies: Spatial Orientation



Jorge Martín Gutiérrez, Melchor García Domínguez and Cristina Roca González

Using 3D Virtual Technologies to Train Spatial Skills in  Engineering



Thomas Litzinger, Sarah Zappe, Samuel Hunter and Irene Mena

Increasing Integration of the Creative Process across Engineering Curricula



María Jesús García-García, Concepción Gonzlez-García, Luis J. Fernández, José-Luis Casado-Sánchez and Luisa Martinez Muneta

Assessing Creativity in Engineering Students: A Comparative Between Degrees and Students in First and Last Year



M. Luisa Martinez-Muneta, Mario Lopez de Avila, Gregorio Romero and Jesus Felez

Searching for the Most Creative  Engineer



A. Uruburu Colsa, I. Ortiz-Marcos, J. R. Cobo-Benita and A. Moreno-Romero

Improving Engineering Students’ Communication Competence: Designing Innovative Learning Strategies



Miroslav Bjekić, Dragana Bjekić

and Lidija Zlatić

Communication Competence of Practicing Engineers and Engineering Students:  Education  and Evaluation



Milevica Bojović, Lidija Palurović and Lena Tica

Communication Skills in Engineering Professions: Communicative Language Ability in Foreign Languages



Sarah L. Gassman, Michelle A. Maher and Briana E. Timmerman

Pedagogical Strategies to Promote the Development of   Graduate Engineering Students as Disciplinary Writers



Heather Camp and Jeffrey R. Pribyl

Learning to Write in Chemistry for Engineers: Sites and Strategies  for Fostering Engineers’ Communication Skills



Daniele Carolina Lopes, Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo, Zilda Aparecida Pereira Del Prette, Marcel Andreotti Musetti and Almir Del Prette

Social Skills: A Key Factor for Engineering Students to Develop Interpersonal Skills



Nathan Canney and Angela Bielefeldt

A Framework for the Development of Social Responsibility in  Engineers



Diana Bairaktarova, Monica F. Cox

and Mohit Srivastava

A Project-Based Approach Professional Skills Training in an Undergraduate  Engineering Curriculum



Jonathan D. Stolk and Robert Martello

Can Disciplinary Integration Promote Students’ Lifelong Learning Attitudes and Skills in Project-Based Engineering Courses?




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