Vol 33-5




Section I

Special Issue

Selected papers from the 2016 Capstone Design Conference

Guest Editors

Susannah Howe—Smith College, USA

Steven Beyerlein—University of Idaho, USA

Scott Palo—University of Colorado, USA

Peter Rogers—The Ohio State University, USA

R. Keith Stanfill—University of Florida, USA

Patsy Brackin—Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA

Junichi Kanai—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Jim Vallino—Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Section II

Contributions in: Design Thinking, Service-Oriented Design, Flipped-Classroom,

Project Based Learning, Game-Based Learning, Team-Building, Quality Assurance,

Assessment, Online Laboratories, Distance Learning, Educational Resources, Motivation,

STEM, K-12 Education, Operations Management, Computer Engineering,

Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Ahmad Ibrahim




Patsy Brackin, Susannah Howe, Peter Rogers, R. Keith Stanfill, Steven Beyerlein, Junichi Kanai, Jim Vallino and Scott Palo

Guest Editorial: The 2016 Capstone Design Conference



Susannah Howe, Laura Rosenbauer and Sophia Poulos

The 2015 Capstone Design Survey Results: Current Practices and Changes over Time



Robert A. Hart and Todd W. Polk

An Examination of the Factors that Influence Students’ Capstone Project Choices



Gregory J. Kowalski and Bridget M. Smyser

Success Factors for International Students in Capstone Design Teams



Charles Pezeshki, Jacob Leachman and Steven Beyerlein

Managing Project Scope for Successful Engineering Capstone Projects

Olga Pierrakos

Changing the Culture in a Senior Design Course to Focus on Grit, Mastery Orientation, Belonging, and Self-Efficacy: Building Strong Academic Mindsets and Psychological Preparedness



Keelin Leahy, Dan Phillips, Elizabeth Debartolo, Patsy Brackin, Steve Chenoweth and Allen White

Encouraging Creativity in Capstone Design



Victoria Matthew, Thema Monroe-White and Morgan Miller

Integrating Entrepreneurship into Capstone design: An Analysis of Faculty Practices & Perceptions



Baldur Steingrimsson, Robert Jones, Faryar Estesami and Sung Yi

Ecosystem for Engineering Design Learning—A Comparative Analysis



Jay R. Goldberg and Pascal Malassigné

Lessons Learned from a 10-Year Collaboration Between Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Design Students in Capstone Design Projects



Ben Lutz and Marie C. Paretti

Exploring Student Perceptions of Capstone Design Outcomes



Kristine R. Csavina, Adam R. Carberry and Cherrylynne R. Nethken

Understanding Perceptions of Reflection Among Engineering Educators and Students



Eduardo de S. Zancul, Luiz F.C. dos S Durão, Roseli de Deus Lopes, Davi Nakano, Paulo Blikstein, Gustavo G. Majzoub and Danilo L. Dalmon

An Empirical Study on Design-Based vs. Traditional Approaches in Capstone Courses in Engineering Education



Sang-Yoon Bae, Jukrin Moon and James R. Morrison

Design of Engineering Courses as a Service: Emotions, Senses and Implementation



Jacqulyn Baughman, Lesya Hassall and Xiaowei Xu

Student Perceptions of Flipping a Mechanical Engineering Design Course



Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Dolors Gil-Doménech and Inés Alegre

Where to Locate? A Project-Based Learning Activity for a Graduate-Level Course on Operations Management

Mehmet Cengiz, Kokten Ulas Birant, Pelin Yildirim and Derya Birant

Development of an Interactive Game-Based Learning Environment to Teach Data Mining

Vaidotas Barzdenas, Gediminas

Grazulevicius and Aleksandr Vasjanov

A New Approach for the Successful Team Building in VLSI Design Projects



Issam Damaj and Ashley Ater Kranov

Sustainable Practices in Technical Education: A Quality Assurance Framework



Carmen González-Lluch, Pedro Company, Manuel Contero, Jorge D. Camba and Jesús Colom

A Case Study on the Use of Model Quality Testing Tools for the Assessment of MCAD Models and Drawings

Hong Zhou, Zhongcheng Lei, Wenshan Hu, Qijun Deng Dongguo Zhou and Zhi-Wei Liu

A Multi-criteria Method for Improving the Assessment of Students’ Laboratory Work Using Online Laboratory

N. Efkolidis, C. García-Hernández, J. L. Huertas-Talón and P. Kyratsis

Sustainability and Distance Learning: Technical Universities Sharing High Cost Resources

Chao-Tung Liang, Franck Zenasni, Yu-Cheng Liu and Chaoyun Liang

The Role of Intrinsic Motivation in Student Imagination: A Comparison Between Engineering and Science Majors

Vytautas Štuikys, Renata Burbaitė, Tomas Blažauskas, Dominykas Barisas and Mikas Binkis

Model for Introducing STEM into High School Computer Science Education

Kumar Yelamarthi, Brian DeJong, Tolga Kaya, Matthew Prewett and Daniel Chen

Engaging Secondary School Teachers in Engineering Design: Lessons Learned and Assessment of a Research Experience for Teachers Program


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