Volume 34 Number 2B



Special Issue

Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop X

Design and the Future of the Engineer of 2020

Guest Editor

Gordon Krauss—Harvey Mudd College, USA


Gordon Krauss

Guest Editorial



Aaron Altman, Gordon G. Krauss, Micah Lande, Cynthia J. Atman and Jennifer Turns

The Key Ideas of MDW X: A Summary



Richard J. Aleong, Cole Joslyn and Robin S. Adams

Capitalizing on Surprise and Doubt in Design Experiences



Reid Bailey and Matthew E. McFarland

Prototyping and the Engineer of 2020



Colin M. Gray and Todd M. Fernandez

When World(view)s Collide: Contested Epistemologies and Ontologies in Transdisciplinary Education



Adam R. Carberry, Elizabeth M. Gerber and Caitlin K. Martin

Measuring the Innovation Self-Efficacy of Engineers



Jay R. Goldberg and David Rank

A Student-Centered Learning Approach to Design for Manufacturability: Meeting the Needs of an Often-Forgotten Customer



Molly H. Goldstein, Robin S. Adams and Şenay Purzer

Investigating Middle-School Students’ Conceptions of Trade-offs in Design



Pierce Gordon, Julia Kramer, Alice M. Agogino, Rachel Dzombak and Sophi Martin

Building 21st Century Skills through Development Engineering



Meg H. Handley, Sarah C. Ritter and Dean H. Lang

Design Your Future: Embedding Leadership and Career Development Into a Cornerstone Design Course



Ethan Clark Hilton, Julie Linsey, Wayne Li and Tracy Hammond

Effectively Teaching Sketching in Engineering Curricula



Susannah Howe

Cultivating the Capstone Ecosystem to Educate the Engineer of 2020



Deborah Kilgore, Cynthia J. Atman, Andrew Jocuns and Kathryn Shroyer

From Research to Action in the Classroom: Encouraging Broad Thinking in Engineering Design with Significant Learning Experiences

Gordon G. Krauss, Andrea Vasquez, Joseph Sinopoli and Laura Palucki-Blake

Upping the Average: Manipulating Peer Feedback Quantity and its Effects on Feedback Quality

Ade Mabogunje, Neeraj Sonalkar and Larry Leifer

What If We Have Become Trees?



Shanna R. Daly, Seda McKilligan, Jaryn A. Studer, Jaclyn K. Murray and Colleen M. Seifert

Innovative Solutions through Innovated Problems



Jackson L. Autrey, Jennifer Sieber, Zahed Siddique and Farrokh Mistree

Leveraging Self-Assessment to Encourage Learning Through Reflection on Doing

Dylan Moore, Xiao Ge, David Sirkin, Daniel Stenholm and Wendy Ju

ActiveNavigator: Toward Real-Time Knowledge Capture and Feedback in Design Workspaces

William Oakes, James Huff, Carla B. Zoltowski and Devendra Canchi

Impact of the EPICS Model for Community-Engaged Learning and   Design Education

David Ollis

Designing the Graduate Research Experience to Catalyze the Student-to-Researcher Transition



Wendy Roldan, Julie Hui and Elizabeth M. Gerber

University Makerspaces: Opportunities to Support Equitable Participation for Women in Engineering

C. R. Saulnier and J. G. Brisson

Design for Use: A Case Study of an Authentically Impactful Design Experience



Kathleen H. Sienko, Maria R. Young, Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Samuel Obed,Kwabena A. Danso, Henry S. Opare-Addo,Alex T. Odoi, Cornelius A. Turpin, Thomas O. Konney, Zerihun Abebe, Ibrahim Mohedas, Aileen Huang-Saad and Timothy R. B. Johnson

Global Health Design: Clinical Immersion, Opportunity Identification and Definition, and Design Experiences



Freddy Solis and Joseph V. Sinfield

Designing for Big X: Characterizing Design for Major Challenges



Steven T. O’Shields and Joshua D. Summers

Collaborative Design Between Industry Practitioners: An Interview-Based Study



Steven Weiner, Micah Lande and Shawn Jordan

The Engineer of 2020, in the Making: Understanding how Young Adults Develop Maker Identities and the Implications for Education Reform




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