Vol 35-3






Contributions in: Student Success, Leadership, Project-Based Learning,

Building Information Modelling, Gender, Laboratory Evaluation, Motivation, Assessment,

First Year Students, Entrepreneurship, Virtual Learning, Major Selection, e-Portfolios,

Engineering Graphics, Conceptual Misunderstanding, Employability Skills,

Flipped Classroom, Faculty Development, Mechanical Engineering,

Information Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Dynamics,

Software Engineering, Fluid Dynamics



Ahmad Ibrahim




Stephen O. Ekolu

A Model Employing the Overlapping Distribution Method to Predict the Success of Engineering Students in Supplementary Examinations



Meg Handley and Catherine G. P. Berdanier

*Operationalizing Interpersonal Behaviours of Leadership for Early-Career Engineers



Jacek Uziak, Venkata P. Kommula and Kurt Becker

Students’ Attitude Towards Problem-Based Learning: A Case Study



Francisco Zamora-Polo, Amalia Luque- Sendra, Francisco Aguayo-Gonza´lez and Jesús Sánchez-Martín

Conceptual Framework for the Use of Building Information Modeling in Engineering Education



Prisca Aeby, Roger Fong, Mila Vukmirovic, Siara Isaac and Roland Tormey

*The Impact of Gender on Engineering Students’ Group Work Experiences



J. M. Fernández Oro, A. Meana-Fernández, R. Barrio Perotti, J. González Pérez and E. Blanco Marigorta

A Comparison of Portfolio and Final Test Scores as a Predictor of Final Course Grade



Elisabeth Kames, Beshoy W. Morkos and Amanda Bessette

The Implementation of an Intervention Plan to Improve Student Motivation and Performance in Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Capstone



Maurice Danaher, Kevin Schoepp and Ashley Ater Kranov

Teaching and Measuring the Professional Skills of Information Technology Students Using a Learning Oriented Assessment Task



Laura Hirshfield and Debbie Chachra

* Experience is Not Mastery: Unexpected Interactions Between Project Task Choice and Measures of Academic Confidence and Self-Efficacy in First-Year Engineering Students



Diane Aparecida Reis, André Leme Fleury and Marly Monteiro de Carvalho

*Contemporary Trends in Engineering Entrepreneurship Education



Zaker A. Syed, Zachary Trabookis, Jeffrey W. Bertrand, Kapil Chalil Madathil,Rebecca S. Hartley, Kristin K. Frady, JohnR. Wagner and Anand K. Gramopadhye

* Evaluation of Virtual Reality Based Learning Materials as a Supplement to the Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Experience



Jimmy Ching-Ming Chen, Gene Liao, Chih-Ping Yeh and Roger C. Lo

Development and Assessment of New Bio based Materials Courses for Engineering Students and Practicing Engineers



Kerry Meyers, Victoria Goodrich, Sarah Blackowski and Elizabeth Spingola

Factors Affecting First-Year Engineering Students’ Choice of Majors



Tijana Dabić, Saša Adamović, Radmila Suzić and Marko Šarac

An Integrated Approach for Developing Showcase Profiles of Information Technology Students



Juan Alejandro Melian-Melian and Jorge Martin-Gutierrez

Approaches to Learning of Engineering Graphics Through Learning Objects Multimedia



Ning Fang and Gang Liu

*Reducing Students’ Conceptual Misunderstanding in Engineering Dynamics Through Enhanced Hands-on Experimentation



Leticia Alonso-González, Ana Arboleya and Fernando Las-Heras

Astursat: A Software Tool to Encourage the Interest of Students in Remote Sensing and Image Processing



Adham Ahmad Mackieh and Faeza Saleh A. Dlhin

Evaluating the Employability Skills of Industrial Engineering Graduates: A Case Study



Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Esther Cascarosa, Santiago Celma, Cecilia Gimeno and Concepción Aldea

Application of a Flipped Classroom for Model-Based Learning in Electronics



Adrian Pandal Blanco, Raul Barrio Perotti Ana Fernandez-Tena and Eduardo Blanco Marigorta,

A Multidisciplinary Approach for Teaching Introductory Computational Fluid Dynamics



Rahimi A. Rahman, Steven K. Ayer and Jeremi S. London

Applying Problem-Based Learning in a Building Information Modeling Course



Juan C. Morales and Michael J. Prince

Promoting Lasting Change in Teaching Practices Through a Summer Immersion Faculty Development Program




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