Special Issue

Teamwork Assessment in Engineering Education


Guest Editors

Miguel Ángel Conde – Escuelas de Ingenierías

Industrial e Informática, University of León, Spain

Alicia García-Holgado – GRIAL Research Group,

Research Institute for Educational Sciences,

University of Salamanca, Spain



Miguel Ángel Conde and Alicia García-Holgado

Guest Editorial: Teamwork Assessment in Engineering Education



Homero G. Murzi, Tahsin M. Chowdhury, Jurij Karlovšek and Bianey C. Ruiz Ulloa

*Working in Large Teams: Measuring the Impact of a Teamwork Model to Facilitate Teamwork Development in Engineering Students Working in a Real Project



Xiangyun Du, Khalid Kamal Naji, Saed Sabah and Usama Ebead

Engineering Students’ Conceptions of Collaboration, Group-Based Strategy Use, and Perceptions of Assessment in PBL: A Case Study in Qatar



Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, Terje Samuelsen, Cristina Casado-Lumbreras and Xabier Larrucea

Students’ Selection of Teamwork Tools in Software Engineering Education: Lessons Learned



Lisa B. Bosman, Julius C. Keller, Nathan Mentzer and Anthony E. Sparkling

*Applying Multiple Modes of Assessment to Evaluate the Team Work Competence



Silvia Necchi, Enric Peña, David Fonseca and Marc Arnal

Improving Teamwork Competence Applied in the Building and Construction Engineering Final Degree Project



Ángel Fidalgo-Blanco, María Luisa Sein- Echaluce, Francisco José García-Peñalvo and María Sánchez-Canales

Validation of a Semantic Search Engine for Academic Resources on Engineering Teamwork



María-José Terrón-López, Yolanda Blanco-Archilla and Paloma J. Velasco-Quintana

Individual Assessment Procedure and its Tools for PBL Teamwork



Jensine Paoletti, Tiffany M. Bisbey, Denise L. Reyes, Matthew A. Wettergreen and Eduardo Salas

A Checklist to Diagnose Teamwork in Engineering Education



Allison M. Traylor, Matthew Wettergreen,

Gary Woods, Z. Maria Oden and

Eduardo Salas

Ten Teamwork Findings from Student Design Teams



Birol Çiloǧlugil, Birim Balci and Nilüfer Atman Uslu

Acquisition of Teamwork Competence in a Hardware Course: Perceptions and Co-regulation of Computer Engineering Students



Constanza Miranda, Julian ‘‘Iñaki’’ Goñi, Isabel Hilliger and José Lugo

Assessing the Work of Geographically Distributed Teams in Engineering Design: Time Allocation in the Design Process as a Form of In-Class Analytics



M. A. de la Rubia and G. M. Sacha

Adaptive Tests as a Tool for Evaluating Work Groups in Engineering



Justine Boudreau and Hanan Anis

Effect of Personality Traits in Team Dynamics and Project Outcomes in Engineering Design



Mehrnaz Mostafapour and Ada Hurst

*An Exploratory Study of Teamwork Processes and Perceived Team Effectiveness in Engineering Capstone Design Teams



Tarcila Mantovan Atolini and Francisco de Paula Antunes Lima

Teamwork in Engineering Training: The Case of an Intervention in a Worker Recovered Factory in Brazil



Patrick Dumond and Mohamed Galaleldin

Modalities of Peer Assessments in Team Project Based Design Courses



Juan Antonio Caballero-Hernández, Antonio Balderas, Manuel Palomo-Duarte,

Pablo Delatorre, Antonio J. Reinoso and Juan Manuel Dodero

Teamwork Assessment in Collaborative Projects Through Process Mining Techniques



Jiyoung Han

Development of a Teamwork Skill Scale for Engineering Students



Erick S. Vasquez, Matthew J. DeWitt, Zachary J. West and Michael J. Elsass

Impact of Team Formation Approach on Teamwork Effectiveness and Performance in an Upper-Level Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratory Course



Xaver Neumeyer and Susana C. Santos

The Effect of Team Conflict on Teamwork Performance: An Engineering Education Perspective



Emiliano Labrador, Eva Villegas, Ruth S.

Contreras, Xavi Canaleta and David Fonseca

Teaching Teamwork in Logistics Engineering Through a Board Game




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