Vol 36, No. 2






Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop XI

Design Education and Practice – How Process Matters


Guest Editor

Gordon G. Krauss

Department of Engineering, Harvey Mudd College, USA




Ahmad Ibrahim




Gordon G. Krauss

Guest Editorial 1



Aaron Altman and Gordon G. Krauss

Guest Editorial 2



Robin Adams and Jennifer Turns

The Work of Educational Innovation: Exploring a Personalized Interdisciplinary Design Playbook Assignment



Richard J. Aleong and Molly H. Goldstein

*Balancing Curriculum Design Trade-Offs for Larger Learning Goals: A Synthesized Model



Reid Bailey

Exploring Design Process Learning Through Two Reflective Prompts



Rachel Dzombak and Sara Beckman

Unpacking Capabilities Underlying Design (Thinking) Process



Chris Browne, Lynette Johns-Boast, Kim Blackmore and Shayne Flint

Capstone Design Projects, the Project Value Map and the Many Eyes Process: Balancing Process and Product to Deliver Measurable Value to Student and Client



Monica E. Cardella, William C. Oakes, Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh and Andrew Pierce

Human-Centeredness in Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Representations of Engineering Design



Carlos Cardoso, Ada Hurst and Oscar Nespoli

Reflective Inquiry in Design Reviews: The Role of Question-Asking During Exchanges of Peer Feedback



Rachel Dzombak, Kevin Pham and

Sara Beckman

Learning Design: Examining Programmatic Learning Outcomes and the Influence of Disciplinary Perspectives on Design Pedagogy



Nicholas D. Fila, Justin L. Hess and Senay Purzer

Instilling New Ways of Understanding the Innovation Process: Evidence-Based Heuristics from Student Innovation Experiences



Xiao Ge and Larry Leifer

*When Tough Times Make Tough Designers: How Perplexing Experiences Shape Engineers’ Knowledge and Identity



Marie Paretti, Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Julie Ford, Susannah Howe and Robin Ott

*Leveraging the Capstone Design Experience to Build Self-Directed Learning



Tiffany Madruga, Sitoë Thiam, Andrea Vasquez, Ragini Kothari and Gordon G. Krauss

Reviewer Perspective Impact on Design Review Feedback



Sitoë Thiam, Tiffany Madruga, Andrea Vasquez, Ragini Kothari and Gordon G. Krauss

Is it Really a Choice Between Quantity and Quality for Peer Feedback?



Steven Weiner, Micah Lande and Shawn S. Jordan

Designing (and) Making Teachers: Using Design to Investigate the Impact of Maker-Based Education Training on Pre-service STEM Teachers



Robert P. Loweth, Shanna R. Daly, Jiangqiong Liu and Kathleen H. Sienko

*Assessing Needs in a Cross-Cultural Design Project: Student Perspectives and Challenges



Ade Mabogunje, Neeraj Sonalkar, Larry Leifer, Neelima Parasker and Mark Beam

*Regenerative Learning: A Process Based Design Approach



Justin C. Major, Adam R. Carberry and Adam N. Kirn

Revisiting a Measure of Engineering Design Self-Efficacy



Vivek Rao, George Moore, Osita Anders Udekwu and Björn Hartmann

*Tracing Stories across the Design Process: A Study of Engineering Students’ Engagement with Storytelling in an Undergraduate Human-Centered Design Course



Giovanna Scalone, Cynthia J. Atman, Kenya Mejia, Hannah Twigg-Smith, Kathryn Shroyer and Aaron Joya

*Dealing with Ambiguity: Leveraging Different Types of Expertise to Guide Design Questioning



Sheri D. Sheppard, Tua Björklund, Helen L. Chen, Shannon K. Gilmartin, Sara Atwood, Eric Reynolds Brubaker, KJ Chew, Philipp Christov, Catie Cuan, Patrick Danner Barbara Karanian, Abisola Coretta Kusimo Leif Luehmann, Vikas Maturi, Chieloka Mbaezue, Fabian Schäfer, Christian Schnell, George Toye and Marsie Trego

Connecting People and Ideas: Making Sense of a Research Lab through Creating a Shared Frame



James Righter, Maria Vittoria Elena and Joshua D. Summers

Establishing Faculty Perceptions of Undergraduate Engineering Design Team Leadership



Derrick Tate

Teaching, Learning, and Practicing Design Processes in an Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Context




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