Vol 36 No. 4





Section I

Special Issue

Maker Spaces in Engineering Education


Guest Editor

Pao-nan Chou – Northern Illinois University, USA & National

University of Tainan, Taiwan




Ahmad Ibrahim 




Pao-Nan Chou 

Guest Editorial: Maker Spaces in Engineering Education



Chih-chao Chung, Cheng-Lung Tsai, Yuh-Ming Cheng and Shi-Jer Lou

Action Research on Integrating Maker Spirit and Maker Space for the Special Topic Courses of Engineering Students in Vocational High Schools



Dámari Melián, José Luis Saorín, Jorge de la Torre Cantero and Vicente López-Chao

Analysis of the Factorial Structure of Graphic Creativity of Engineering Students through Digital Manufacturing Techniques



Barış Doǧan, Buket Doǧan, Eyup Emre Ulku, Anil Bas and Hasan Erdal

The Role of the Maker Movement in Engineering Education: Student Views on Key Issues of Makerspace Environment



Hannah D. Budinoff and Sara McMains

Improving Outcomes and Participation in the Prototyping Process Using Design-for-Additive-Manufacturing Training



Gordon D. Hoople, Joel Alejandro Mejia, Diane Hoffoss and Satyan L. Devadoss

*Makerspaces on the Continuum: Examining Undergraduate Student Learning in Formal and Informal Settings



Cindy Lenhart, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Idalis Villanueva, Kate Youmans and Louis S. Nadelson

Engineering Faculty Members’ Perceptions of University Makerspaces: Potential Affordances for Curriculum, Instructional Practices, and Student Learning

Lei Jiang, Lingxia Gao, Qingchun Wang, Yunli Gao and Feng Shi

The CDIO-based Maker Space Framework: Application with Engineering Management Students


Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos, Pierre Walker, Colin Hale, Klaus Hellgardt, Andrew Macey, Umang V. Shah and Marsha P. Maraj

Facilitating Independent Learning: Student Perspectives on the Value of Student-Led Maker Spaces in Engineering Education

Matthew A. Wettergreen, Ann Saterbak, Amy J. Kavalewitz, Alex M. Nunez- Thompson, Veronica Leautaud, Theresa Mkandawire, Matthew Petney, Carlos A. Dos Santos and Z. Maria Oden 

Makerspaces in Low-, Middle-, and High-Income Countries to Support Student Development of Engineering Design Skills

Mohamed Jalal and Hanan Anis

The Integration of a Maker Program into Engineering Design Courses



Satesh Namasivayam, Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi, Sivakumar Sivanesan and Se Yong Eh Noum

The Role of Makerspaces in Enhancing the Student Learning Experience



Cheng-Lung Tsai, Chih-chao Chung, Ming-Hsiu Liu and Shi-Jer Lou 

The Effect of Positive Instruction on a Maker Project in a Vocational High School

Xaver Neumeyer and Susana C. Santos

Makerspaces as Learning Sites at the Intersection of Engineering and Entrepreneurship Education



Section II

Contributions in: Transport Engineering, Global Learning, Institutional Data,

Transnational Education, Academic Success, PBL, Inverted Classroom,

Socialization Process, Software Testing, STEAM

E. Diez-Jimenez, C. Gomez-Huelamo, M. J. Gómez-García, and I. Valiente-Blanco 

*Practical Approach for Teaching Vehicle Design to Engineering Undergraduates

Kerry L. Meyers and Mark J. McCready

The Benefits of Short-Term Study Abroad Programs for Engineering Students



Marisa K. Orr, Matthew W. Ohland,  Susan M. Lord and Richard A. Layton

*Comparing the Multiple-Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development with a National Dataset from the United States

Rami Ghannam, Sajjad Hussain, Qammer H. Abbasi and Muhammad Ali Imran

Remote Supervision of Engineering Undergraduates in a Transnational Programme between Scotland and China



Kyle M. Whitcomb, Z. Yasemin Kalender, Timothy J. Nokes-Malach, Christian D. Schunn and Chandralekha Singh

Engineering Students’ Performance in Foundational Courses as a Predictor of Future Academic Success



Xiangyun Du, Claus M. Spliid, Anette Kolmos, Niels E. R. Lyngdorf and Youjin Ruan

Development of Critical Reflection for Transformative Learning of Engineering Educators in a PBL-Based Professional Learning Program



Blerta Prevalla Etemi and Huseyin Uzunboylu

The Effects of Flipped Learning Method on Students’ Perception and Learning of Java Programming



Emma Brennan-Wydra, Joanna M. Millunchick, Trevion S. Henderson, Aaron W. Johnson and Cynthia Finelli

*Investigating the Adaptation of Socialization Processes Scales in Engineering Education Context



Tonći Dadić, Vlado Glavinić and Marko Rosić

Automated Software Testing Based on Semantic Distance



Swapnil Sinha, Kelsey Rieger, Aaron D. Knochel and Nicholas A. Meisel

*The Impact of a Mobile 3D Printing and Making Platform on Student Awareness and Engagement




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