Vol 37 No. 4





Contributions in: Sustainable Development, Educational Trust, Academic Competition,

Outreach Curricula, PBL, Creativity, STEM, Student Success, Flipped Learning,

Internship, Women Undergraduates, Diverse Groups, Motivation, Self-Assessment,

Blended Learning, Service Learning, Interactive Teaching, Systems Thinking,

Abstract Thinking, Self-Efficacy, Sustainability, Quality Assurance, Entrepreneurship



Ahmad Ibrahim




Xuteng Zhang, Wenzhe Tang, Colin F. Duffield, Lihai Zhang, Felix Kin Peng Hui, Yang Liu and Yanling Kang

A Competency Framework for Construction Engineering Graduates: An Industry Perspective



Yujing Wang, Haimin Cao, Feng Xu and Jing Wang

The Influence of Educational Trust on the Willingness of Engineering Undergraduates to Participate in Academic Competition



Holly M. Matusovich, Andrew L. Gillen, Veronica Van Montfrans, Jacob R. Grohs, Tawni Paradise, Cheryl Carrico, Holly Lesko and Karen Gilbert

Student Outcomes from the Collective Design and Delivery of Culturally Relevant Engineering Outreach Curricula in Rural and Appalachian Middle Schools



Juebei Chen, Anette Kolmos, Aida Olivia Pereira de Carvalho Guerra and Chunfang Zhou

*Academic Staff’s Motivation, Outcomes and Challenges in a Pedagogical Training Programme of PBL



André Rabello-Mestre and Felipe Otondo

Creative Dispositions: Teaching for Creativity in Engineering Education



Vasu Kumar, Michael D. Johnson, Bimal Nepal and Gourav Ghoshal

* Impact of a High Value Manufacturing Research and Enrichment Experience on Self-Efficacy of High School STEM Teachers



Julianna Gesun, Robert Gammon-Pitman, Edward Berger, Allison Godwin and John Mark Froiland

* Developing a Consensus Model of Engineering Thriving Using a Delphi Process



Nam Ju Kim, Jun H. Park, Sang-Eun Lee and Dimitris Timpilis

Impact of Prior Knowledge, Learning Style, and Problem Nature on Students Performance in a Flipped Engineering Mathematics Class



Megan Emmons and Anthony A. Maciejewski

Emulating a Career Experience At-Scale so Students Can Make Informed Decisions About Electrical Engineering Early in Their Academic Career



Nenad Stefanovic, Zarko Bogicevic and Danijela Milosevic

A Digital Platform for Managing Virtual Internships



Soonhee Hwang

The Role of Psychological Well-Being in Women Undergraduate Students’ Engineering Self-Efficacy and Major Satisfaction



Noemi V. Mendoza Diaz, Cijy Elizabeth Sunny, Trinidad Sotomayor and Jacques Richard

* Time to Graduate for Latinos/Hispanics in Comparison to Other Diverse Student Groups: A Multi-Institutional/Multilevel MIDFIELD Study



Ariyo Samson Oluwatimilehin, Jimoh Bakare, Ede Emmanuel Okafor and Theresa Chinyere Ogbuanya

Enhancing Motivation of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology Education Students with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy



Ashraf Badir and Robert O’Neill

Self-Assessment of Homework Assignments in Civil Engineering Design Courses



Mariana Tafur Arciniegas, Monica Isabel Gomez Velez, Juan C. Reyes, Diego M.

Valencia, Francisco A. Galvis and

Christiam C. Ángel

The Impact of Non-Traditional Teaching on Students’ Performance and Perceptions in a Structural Engineering Course



Belén Muñoz-Medina, Sergio Blanco and Marcos G. Alberti

* Impact of Service-Learning on the Motivation of Engineering and High School Students



Marko Sarac, Sasa Adamovic and Muzafer Saracevic

Interactive and Collaborative Experimental Platforms for Teaching Introductory Internet of Things Concepts



Aziz Shekh-Abed, Orit Hazzan and Aharon Gero

* Promoting Systems Thinking and Abstract Thinking in High-School Electronics Students: Integration of Dedicated Tasks into Project-Based Learning



Laura J. Hirshfield and Debbie Chachra

* Complex Systems: Interactions Between Gender and Project Context on Confidence of First-Year Engineering Students



Zhiliang Huang, Jielian Deng, Hongxu Zhou, Tongguang Yang, Shuguang Deng and Zhiguo Zhao

Teaching Sustainability Principles to Engineering Educators



Asem Majed Othman and Emad Hashiem Abualsauod

Quality Assurance: Industrial Engineering Capstone Design Project Process Standardization



Ronit Shmallo, Tammar Shrot and Neta Kela Madar

Investigating Factors That Impact the Development of Entrepreneurial Interest among Engineering Students




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