Section I

Special Issue

Designing Engineering Design Education in Canada


Guest Editors

Christopher Rennick, Ada Hurst, Steve Lambert, Meagan Flus –

University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada



Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Christopher Rennick, Ada Hurst, Steve Lambert and Meagan Flus

Overview of the Inaugural Canadian Design Workshop (CDW1): From Vision to Evaluation

Christopher Rennick, Ada Hurst, Steven Lambert and Meagan Flus

Design at Scale in a First-Year Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Course

Marnie V. Jamieson, Ahmed S. Ead, Aidan Rowe, Janice Miller-Young and Jason P. Carey

Development and Implementation of an Integrative and Experiential Design Project: Design, Build and Test a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Jennifer A. Coggan and Christopher Rennick

Hackathons as a Novel Pedagogy in Engineering Design Education

Meagan Flus and Ada Hurst

Distilling Sustainable Design Concepts for Engineering Design Educators

Jordan Nickel, P. Robert Duimering and Ada Hurst

Characterizing Engineering Design Activities Using Jonassen’s Design Theory of Problem Solving

Christopher Rennick, Gregory Litster, Ada Hurst, Carol C. W. Hulls and Sanjeev Bedi

A Qualitative Analysis of Collaborative Computer-Aided Design Experiences to Inform Teaching

Kevin A. Leonardo and Alison Olechowski

On Teaching Tacit Knowledge in Engineering Design and Professional Practice

M. V. Jamieson, M. Naef and J. M. Shaw


Section II

Contributions in: Spatial Skills, Embedded Systems, Sustainability, Personalized Learning,

Engineering Identity, Depth of Discipline, Virtual Reality, Challenge-Based Learning,

Cooperative Programs, Assessment, Academic Dishonesty, Depth vs. Breadth,

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Laboratory Work


Enhancing Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Spatial Skills Through a New Virtual and Physical Manipulatives (VPM) Technology

Ning Fang, Ahmad Farooq and Wade Goodridge

Introduction to Embedded Systems Course: An Engineering Design Approach

M. A. Ali, O. Waqar, S. Afridi and N. Ali

Phenomenon- and Project-Based Learning Through the Lens of Sustainability

Riadh Habash, Md Mahmud Hasan, Jonathan Chiasson and Milad Tannous

The Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Education Prototype for an Electronic Systems Course

Dong Liang, Wenyan Li, Nan Wang, Jiaxuan Gao and Hao Jin

The Effect of a Caring Intervention on Engineering Identity: Insights from a One-Day Outreach Event with Elementary and Middle School Girl Scouts

Maya E. Denton, Indu Venu Sabaraya, Navid B. Saleh and Mary Jo Kirisits

Depth of Discipline as an Influencing Factor of Engineering Identity

Jenna Johnson, Lesley Strawderman, Reuben Burch, M. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Jennifer Easley

Development of Interactive Textbooks by Applying STEAM and Virtual Reality Concepts

Chih-Chao Chung, Bo-Yuan Cheng, Yuh-Ming Cheng and Shi-Jer Lou

Applying Challenge Based Learning to Teach Mass Transfer

Cristina Barrera, María Luisa Castelló Lucía Seguí, Ana Heredia and Jorge García-Hernández

Role of Cooperative Programs in the University-to-Career Transition: A Case Study in Construction Management Engineering Education

M. E. Al-Atroush and Y. E. Ibrahim

Invigilated Lab Exams as an Effective Strategy to Reduce Academic Dishonesty

María Sofía Martínez-García, Angel de Castro, Alberto Sanchez, Yasamin Ambrollahi and Javier Garrido

Specificity of Discipline as an Influence on Entry-Level Engineering Occupational Alignment

Jenna Johnson, Lesley Strawderman, Reuben Burch, M. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Jennifer Easley

Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum of Leadership Education in Civil Engineering

Madeline Polmear, Nicholas Clegorne and Denise R. Simmons

Application of Entrepreneurial Minded Learning Design Projects to Develop First-Year Engineering Students’ Entrepreneurial Mindset

Alexandra Jackson, Cheryl A. Bodnar, Scott Streiner, Kevin Dahm, Kaitlin Mallouk and Bruce Oestreich

Impact of Service Learning on Engineering Student Development

Jennifer Benning, Christopher Shearer, Stuart Kellogg and William Oakes

Improving Student Learning Experience in Fluid Mechanics with Lecture/Lab Alignment and Post-Lab Discussion

Ásdís Helgadóttir, Halldór Pálsson and Guðrún Geirsdóttir

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