Volume 40, No. 2





Contributions in: Assessment, Remote Laboratories, Blended Learning, Design-Based

Learning, COVID-19, Empathy, Design Teams, Maker Education, Choice of Engineering

Major, Impact of AI, Grading, Multiple-Choice, Hands-on Learning, Creativity,

Innovation, Accreditation, Active Learning, Engineering Identity, Sense of Belonging,

First-Year Engineering, Peer Learning, Computational Thinking, Capstone Design,

Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Database Management,

Computer Simulations, Numerical Calculus, Refrigeration & Airconditioning




Ahmad Ibrahim

Sustainable Assessment Practices for Engineering Programme Outcomes: Challenges and Recommendations in Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions

Chia Pao Liew, Marlia Puteh, Shahrin Mohammad, Peck Loo Kiew and Kim Geok Tan

Design and Implementation of a Wechat Mini Program for Remote Teaching of Control System Experiments

Kezhi Li, Guo-Ping Liu and Wenshan Hu

Development and Assessment of E-Learning Teaching Materials for Blended Learning in a Programmable Logic Controller Course

Wen-Jye Shyr, Hung-Ming Liau and Chia-Wei Chang

Development and Assessment of Innovative Pedagogical Approaches through a Starlink DBL Course

Chih-Chao Chung, Shi-Jer Lou and Yuh-Ming Cheng

Mixed-mode Emergency Learning: Engineering Students Experience

Aleksandra Sitarević, Selena D. Samardžić, Ivana M. Lončarević, Robert Lakatoš, Aleksandra Mihailović, Tanja D. Jevremov and Bojana M. Dinić

Empathy in Engineering Design Teams: Comparing Hybrid and Online Learners

Aristides P. Carrillo-Fernandez and Justin L Hess

A Qualitative Analysis of Student Learning After the Completion of Maker Education Programs: Influences on the Choice of Engineering Majors

Ai-Jou Pan and Pao-Nan Chou

Effects of Standards-Based Testing via Multiple-Chance Testing on Cognitive and Affective Outcomes in an Engineering Course

Autar Kaw and Renee Clark

Engineering Students Engagement Profiles while Using Low-Cost Desktop Learning Modules

Rachel M. Wong, Olusola Adesope, Chi Yang Chuang, Oluwasola S. Oni, Bernie VanWie, Prashanta Dutta,

Kitana Kaiphanliam Felicia Adesope, Oluwafemi J. Ajeigbe and Jacqueline Gartner

Applying Fundamental Soundscape Concepts as a Framework for Introductory Acoustical Engineering and Music Courses

Felipe Otondo

Input Process Output (IPO) Framework for Engineering Higher Education Accreditation in Indonesia

Misri Gozan, Renanto, Rahmat Nurcahyo, Muhammad Asad Abdurrahman and Erni Misran

Assessment of Engineering Undergraduates Active Learning Experience using Computer Simulations

Juan J. Galán-Díaz, Simón F. Garrido, Ana Isabel García-Diez, Manuel

A Systematic Literature Review of Engineering Identity Research (2005–2019): Quick Reference Guide

Shawna Fletcher and Kristi J. Shryock

Validity Evidence for Parsimonious Sense of Belonging Scales for Engineering Students

Breanna Graven, Patricia Ralston and Thomas Tretter

Impact of Peer Learning on Students Academic Achievement and Personal Attributes

Bin Sha, Xiaoyu Guo and Qinfang Zhong

Application of Computational Thinking for Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Engineering Numerical Calculus

José Luis Díaz, Yanko Ordoñez Ontiveros and Julián Roa González

Development and Validation of a High School Course in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Kuang-Yi Lee, Chih-Cheng Tsai, Chih-Chao Chung and Shi-Jer Lou

Learning to Teach Engineering Capstone Design: An Analysis of Faculty Members’ Experiences

Marie C. Paretti, Homero Murzi, Benjamin Lutz, Maya Menon and Lisa Schibelius

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