Volume 40, Number 3





Section I

Special Issue

Case-Based Learning in Engineering and Applied Science Education


Guest Editors

Faiez Alani – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Gabriel Acien – University of Almeria, Almeria, Spain


Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Faiez Alani and Gabriel Acien

Case-based Learning in Artificial Intelligence Course – A Case Study Using Microsoft Azure in University Course

Wen-Chih Chang and Moocharoen Charoenwat

Guiding Global Innovation Teams on their Exploration Journey: Learning from Aspiring Engineering Students

Jenny Elfsberg, Christian Johansson Askling, Andreas Larsson Tobias Larsson and Larry Leifer

Amalgamation of Research-, Case-, Project-, and Video-based Learning in Teaching Engineering and Computing Ethics

Riadh Habash

Comparison Between In-person Versus Virtual Case-based Learning for an Upper Year Course in Engineering Technology Education

Faiez Alani and Rehmat Grewal

A Work-based Project Practice Motivated by Problem-Solving in Software Engineering

Ga Xiang, Lei Wang, Xuan Sun and Weiran Tang

The Effects of Online Project-based Learning with Real Enterprise Data in Two Interdisciplinary Courses

Kim Moon-Soo

Section II

Contributions in: Entrepreneurship, Assessment, Team-Based Learning, STEM,

Graphics Interpretations, Student Engagement, Student Outcomes, Modeling,

Visual Patterns, Eye-Tracking, Industry 4.0, Self-Efficacy, Competence Development,

Career Path, Life-Satisfaction, Race & Gender, Choice of Major


Assessment of Student’s Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in Entrepreneurship Courses: A Latent Mean Analysis

Heydi Dominguez and Prateek Shekhar

Evaluation of Bias in Peer Assessment in Higher Education

Jacklin H. Stonewall, Michael C. Dorneich and Jane Rongerude

Perceptions of Engineering and Technology High School Teachers and Policymakers towards 21st Century Skills

Amona Abu-Younis Ali, Shahaf Rocker Yoel and Yehudit Judy Dori

How Engineering Students Understand and Interpret Graphics Using Spreadsheets an Empirical Study in Physics Courses

Daniel Sánchez Guzmán and Erika Cervantes Juárez

Analysis of First-Generation Engineering Students Engagement and its Relation to their Academic Performance

Abigail Lehto and Ning Fang

Design and Implementation of a Comprehensive Platform to Assess Students’ Outcomes

E. M. Shaban, Abdullateef H Bashiri, Waleed Zakri, Anil Kumar Deepati and Farooque Ahmad

A Perspective on Micro-Courses and Building Information Modeling for Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Liting Bai and Qi Chai

Academic Performance and Visual Patterns in Reading Technical and Design Articles among Industrial Design Students

Yongchun Mao and Guolin Zhang

Readiness to Teach Industry 4.0 among University Lecturers in Malaysian Urban Universities

Zariv Long-Kwan Chew, Ananda Kumar Palaniappan and Chooi-Seong Lai

Perceived Benefits of a STEM Intervention Program and Engineering Self-Efficacy: A Multi-Method Investigation

Selyna Pérez Beverly, Christina S. Morton and Lisa R. Lattuca

Reconstruction of a Curriculum Framework in Vocational Colleges for Comprehensive Competence Development

Lizhi Tao, Prasert Ruannakarn, Hengliang Cheng, Fei luo, Xuyun Peng and Zhongbao Ma

Beyond the GPA: Factors Influencing Life Satisfaction of Engineering Undergraduates

Dragan Lj. Bjelica, Dejana Pavlovic´ and Luka Petrovic´

Examining the Role of Race, Gender, and Major in Engineering Major Selection Through Ecological Systems Theory Perspective

Sinan Onal and Ezra Temko

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