The International Journal of

Engineering Education


Volume 7, Number 4 1991





M. S. Wald


G. W. Brodland and G. Welstead

Students Consolidate Learning by Designing Course Modules

S. K. Vajpayee and A. Jain

Teaching Manufacturing as Law/Medicine

A. El-Hajj, W, Harmoush, K. Y. Kabalan and H. Mudallal

A Nonlinear Programming Tool

A. Zingoni and M. N. Pavlovic

Kinematic considerations in the Classical Analysis of Shells of Revolution by Reference to the Geckeler Approximation

D. S. Jayas, G. E. Laliberte and K. Alagusundaram

A Finite Element Program for Teaching Transient Axisymmetric Field Problems

N. T. Younis and J. N. Libii

Mode I Stress Intensity Factor by the Method of Caustics

T. Stathopoulos

Interactive Software for Tutorials in Statics

H. Diab, H. Tabbara, F. Moukalled, I. Kaysi and L. Raad

GEOCAD: An Educational Tool for Flexible Pavement Design and Maintenance

M. N. O. Sadiku

A Monte Carlo Method Without Employing Random Numbers

S. E. Jones, T. L. Caipen and G. J. Butson

Coplanar Projectile Motion Including the Effects of Constant Thrust and Drag

R. J. Havlik

Aerospace Education and Technical Literature