The International Journal of

Engineering Education


Volume 7, Number 5 – 1991





M. S. Wald



H K Messerle

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Energy Conversion

R.E. Hansen

Comparative Education in the Professions: The Case of Architectural Education

K. A. Stanzione and C. A. Bramble

The Enterprise of Aerospace Research and vehicle design

A. Hess

A CAI Approach to Teach Human Factors in Engineering

C. S. Slater, C. Vega and M. Boegel

Experiments in Gas Permeation Membrane Processes

W. Hubbi

An Alternative Approach for Teaching Circuit analysis

C M Wang and S. Kitipornchai

Integrated View of Methods in Buckling Analysis

P. J. Pritchard

Inviscid Flow at the Trailing Edge of an Airfoil

M. Samin Wahid and A. M. Eydaghi

Computer Simulation for Teaching System Stability Concepts

A. A. Kornhauser

Demonstrating the Limitations of the Ideal Gas Law

J. W. Gillespie, M. M. Monib, and D. S. Kukich

University-Industry Instructional Collaboration: A Model for Continuing Education and Retraining in Engineering

S. W. Yurgatis

The 'Design Library—Introducing Students to the Use of Manufacturer's Literature