The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 12, Number 1 - 1996


1. M. S. Wald Editorial
2. M. S. Wald Engineering Education World
Environmental Engineering
3. C.A.Balaras, E.Dascalaki, M. Santamouris and A. Gaglia Educational and Training Activities in Renewable Energy in the European Union
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
4. N. Sepehri Development of Inexpensive Instructional Telemanipulator Test Stations
Mechanical Engineering
5. G.L. Ferguson, J.T. Berry Implementing Modern Product Realization
6. Zhongming Liang Inverse Kinematics of a Robot Manipulator on a CAD System
7. M. Bucher Maximum-power Efficiency of a Carnot Engine
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
8. S.H. Collicott, R.L.Bayt and R.P. Chambers A Small-Scale Drop Tower for Low-Gravity Fluids Laboratories
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
9. A. Zingoni A New Approach for the Vibration Analysis of Symmetric Mechanical Systems - Part 1: Theoretical Preliminaries
Control Engineering
10. C.J. Fraser Spreadsheet Applications for Control System Modelling and Analysis
Web Statistics