The International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 12, Number 5 - 1996


M.S. Wald Editorial
M.S. Wald Engineering Education World
A. Bork Rebuilding Universities with Highly Interactive Multimedia Curricula
Mechanical Engineering
J.E. Holt On the Nature of Mechanical Engineering Work-An Engineering Ethos
N. Scott, D.G. Devenish,
R.D. Entwistle,B.J. Stone
Dynamic Teaching Solutions
D. Love,P. Ball A Computer-aided Case Study to Enhance Manufacturing System Design Teaching
P. Morin Designing a Buckling Experiment: a Teaching Experience
Electrical Engineering-Computer Based Training
R. Keenan, K. Forward,
C. McNaught
X Windows on the World: A Systems Approach to Designing CBL Tutorials
T.J. Morgan, M. Aldeen Educational Multimedia Application for Block Diagram Manipulation
Electrical Engineering
K.Y. Kabalan,H.B. Diab,
A. El-Hajj,H.S. Tabarra
Stability Analysis and Minimum Phase Testing of Causal Systems Using Spreadsheets
  Engineering Criteria - 2000
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