The International Journal of
Engineering Education
Volume 14, Number 3 - 1998

M.S Wald Editorial
M.S Wald Engineering Education world

Engineering Education Research  
W.P.Lewis,A.E.Samuel and J.G.Weir The Nature of Academic work in Engineering 
M.Gad-El-Hak Fluid Mechanics from the Beginning to the Third Millennium 
K.A.Tubman,D.Lloyd,S.J.Harvey European Exchange Schemes within a bachelor of Engineering Course at Coventry University

Engineering Systems  
P.R.Drake Using the analytic Hierarchy Process in Engineering Education
J.R.Noble An Approach for Engineering Curriculum Integration in Capstone Design Courses

Mechanical & Civil Engineering  
J.Neuringer and I.Elishkoff Integrating Instructional Problems in Column Buckling for Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Solids Courses
K.C.Leong and K.C.Toh 
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design Software for Educational Applications 

Electronic Engineering  
A New Digital Beta Meter Device to Access Teaching Basic Electronics 
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