The International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 15, Number 1 - 1999

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M.S Wald Editorial
M.S Wald Engineering Education world
Distance Learning  
National Technological University, Fort Collins,CO,USA
Issues to Consider when Creating a Virtual University
C.Langenbach and F.Bodendorf
Department of Information Systems, 
University of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany
Web Publishing-A Multimedia-Oriented Approach to WWW based Learning
Engineering Laboratories  
L.E. Carlson and J.F.Sullivan 
Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory, 
University of Colorado, Boulder CO,USA
Hands-on Engineering: Learning by Doing in the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program
Engineering Design  
E.Eder, Mechanical Engineering, 
Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston ON, Canada
Designing as an Educational Discipline
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering  
G.L.Gray and F.Constanzo 
Engineering Science and Mechanics, 
the Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA
The Interactive Classroom and its Integration into the Mechanics Curriculum
P.Shiue,B.B.Beard,M.L.Santi and J.E.Beaini 
Christian Brothers University, Memphis TN, USA
Integrated Laboratory for Manufacturing Education
C.Y.Lam and C.Y.Liu
School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, 
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
An Experimental Facility for Compressible Flow
Civil Engineering  
A.S.Al-Ansari and A.B.Senouci
Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Qatar,Doha,Qatar
MATHCAD: Teaching and Learning Tool for Reinforced Concrete Design
Electronic Engineering   
D.Nicula Transilvania University, 
Department of Electronics and Computers, Brasov, Romania
M.Cirstea De Monfort University, Electronics Department, Leicester,UK
Successful CAD Tools Application to FPGA/ASIC Design
Web Statistics