International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 16  Number 4

Journal Cover
M. S. Wald Editorial
Engineering Education Policy and Research  
D.Q.Nguyen: UICEE, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia The Status of Women in Engineering Education
S.Ghosh: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ, USA A New Metric for Assessing Quality in Advanced Graduate Courses in Computer Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering  
D.C.Lagoudas, J.D.Whitcomb, D.A.Miller, M.Z.Lagoudas and K.J.Shryok: College of Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA Continuum Mechanics in a Restructured Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum
P.Strachan, A.Oldroyd and M.Stickland: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland Introducing Instrumentation and Data Acquisition to Mechanical Engineers using LabVIEW
Chemical Engineering  
R.P.Hesketh and C.S.Slater: Department of Chemical Engineering , Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, USA Innovative and Economical Bench-scale Process Engineering Experiments
Engineering Thermodynamics  
Y.Lwin: Department of Chemical Engineering, Rangoon Institute of Technology, Burma Chemical Equilibrium by Gibbs Energy Minimization on Spreadsheets
S.Bhattacharyya: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand Examining Staged Enhancements for Thermodynamic Cycles to Improve Performance using an Intelligent Instruction System
Electrical Engineering  
M.E.Rizkalla, C.F.Yokomoto, R.Pfile, A.S.C.Sinha, M.Al-Sharkawy, S.Lyshevsky, M.Needler,  School of Engineering, Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, USA
and A.Al Antaby, Allison, Transmission, General Motors, Indianapolis, IN, USA
A New Approach for an Interdisciplinary Senior Elective for Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology Majors in Electric Vehicle Applications
Engineering Mathematics  
S.Pomeranz, Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, University of Tulsa, Tulsa OK,USA Using a Computer Algebra System to Teach the Finite Element Method

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