Volume 19  number 6





Engineering Education Policy and Research

P.D.Fisher,J.S.Fairweather, and M.J.Amey

Systemic Reform in Undergraduate Engineering Education: The Role of Collective Responsibility

W.Brewer and M.I.Mendelson

Methodology and Metrics for Assessing Team Effectiveness

R.Zolin,R.Fruchter and R.E.Levitt

Realism and Control: Problem-Based Learning Programs as a Data Source for Work-Related Research

V.Hubka and E.Eder

Pedagogics of Design Education

S.I.Kimmel,H.S.Kimmel and F.P.Deek

The Common Skills of Problem Solving: from Program Development to Engineering Design

A.P.Christoforou,A.S.Yigit,M.D.Al-Ansari,F.Ali,A.A.Aly,H.Lababidi,I.S.Nashawi,A.Tayfun and M.Zribi

Improving Engineering Education at Kuwait University through Continuous Assessment

L.Howell,G.M.Roach,D.C.Clark and J.J.Cox

Use of Explicit Instructional Objectives to Achieve Program Outcomes and Facilitate Assessment: A Case Study

K.Donaldson and S. Sheppard

E-Pals to Enhance Mechanics Learning

D.Vassalos, B.S.Lee and P.G.Sayer

A Rational Method of Project Selection by Post-Graduate Students


Cultural Studies in the Engineering Curriculum

Mechanical Engineering

T.A.Philpot,N.Hubing,R.E.Flori,R.H.Hall,D.B.Ogleby and V.Yellamraju

Computer-Based Instructional Media for Mechanics of Materials

D.Jensen,J.Wood and K.Wood

Hands-on Activities, Interactive Multimedia and Improved Team Dynamics for Enhancing Mechanical Engineering Curricula

T.Belendez,C.Neipp and A.Belendez

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Cantilever Beam: a Laboratory Project to Introduce Geometric Nonlinearity in Mechanics of Materials

Chemical Engineering

A.Mendes,F.D.Magalhaes and L.M.Madeira

Sucrose Inversion: An Experiment in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Manufacturing Engineering


Design and Manufacture of Composite Prototypes

Web Statistics