Contents Volume 21 number 3, 2005


Special Issue

Engineering Ethics, an International Overview


Guest Editor

Caroline Whitbeck

Case Western Reserve University: the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science


Part I







Guest Editorial


How Best to Inject Ethics into an Engineering Curriculum with a Required Course


Introductory and Engineering Ethics Education for Engineering Students in† Japan


A Design Engineerís View of Liability in Engineering Practice: Negligence and Other Potential Liabilities


Ethics in Engineering in the Netherlands: The Role of Professional Associations, Universities and Law


Asian Values and the Human Rights Basis of Professional Ethics


Perception and Imagination in Engineering Ethics


Part II


Contributions in Engineering Education Research, Engineering Design,† Engineering Mathematics,

Materials Science and† Manufacturing Engineering



P.A.Koushki, A.Christoforou,

A.M.Larkin and A.Al- Roomi

Engineering Studentís Attitudes toward Teaching and Teachers

S.M.Nesbit, S.R.Hummel,

P.R.Piergiovanni and J.P.Schaffer

A Design and Assessment Based Introductory Engineering Course

P.D.Fisher, D.M.Zeligman and


Self-Assessed Learning Outcomes in an Engineering Service Course

J.D.Lyons and C.Ebert

A Survey of Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education Centers in the United States

J.T.Walker, D.S.Cordray,

†P.H.King and R.Fries

†Expert and Student Conceptions of the Design Process: Developmental Differences with Implications for Educators


Survey of Pedagogics Applicable to Design Education: An English- Language Viewpoint

D.Grove, F.Campean and E.Henshall

A Course in Statistical Engineering

S.Burgess, J.Booker and G.Barr

An Investigation into Engineering Graduatesí Understanding of Probability Theory

M.F.Chimeno, M.A.G.Gonzalez and


Teaching Measurement Uncertainty to Undergraduate Electronic Instrumentation Students

J.Hashemi, K.A.Austin, E.E.Anderson,

N.Chandrasekhar and A.Majkowski

Elements of a Realistic Virtual Laboratory Experience in Materials Science: Development and Evaluation

Y.L.Yao, K.P.Rajurkar, R.Kovacevic,

S.Feiner, W.Zhang, G.J.Cheng

Web-based curriculum development on Non-traditional Manufacturing with Interactive Features


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