Contents Volume 21 number 6


Part I


Special Issue


Innovative Approaches to Control Engineering Education


Guest Editors


Kok Kiong Tan

National University of Singapore


Denis Gillet

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)







K.K.Tan and Denis Gillet

Guest Editorial

J.Liu and R.G.Landers

Modular Control Laboratory with Integrated Simulation, Animation, Emulation and Experimental Components

C.C.Ko, Ben M.Cheng,J.Chen,J.Zhang and K.C.Tan

A Web-based Laboratory on Control of a Two-Degrees of Freedom Helicopter

K.K.Tan,K.N.Wang and K.C.Tan

Internet-based Resources Sharing and Leasing System for Control Engineering Research and Education

D.P.Stormont and Y.Q.Chen

Using Mobile Robots for Mechatronics Education

R.W.Jones and M.T.Tham

An Undergraduate CACSD Project: The Control of Mean Arterial Blood Pressure During Surgery

M.Pinotti and D.Brandao

A Flexible Fieldbus Simulation Platform for Distributed  Control Systems Laboratory Courses

V.C.Fernandez, M.A.Vicente, L.M.Jimenèz

Virtual Laboratories for Control Education: A combined Methodology

B.Duan, K-V.Ling, H.Mir, M.Hosseini and R.K.L.Gay-

An Online Laboratory Framework for Control Engineering Courses


Improving Learning in Undergraduate Control Engineering Courses using context based Learning Models

T.Chang and D.Chang

A Hands-on Graduate Real Time Control Course: Development and Experience

H.L.Goh, K.K.Tan  and K.Z.Tang-

Simulation using Handhelds


Experimental Activity for Teaching Control Structures

N.P.Mahalik, J.H.Ryu,B.H.Ahn and K.Kim-

A Citation of Control Related Interdisciplinary Disciplines in Engineering Education

S.Dormido, S.Dormido-Canto, R.Dormido, J.Sanchez and N.Duro-

The Role of Interactivity in Control Learning

C.S.Peek, O.D.Crisalle, S.Depraz and D.Gillet-

The Virtual Control Laboratory Paradigm: Architectural Design Requirements and Realization through a DC-Motor Example


Part II


Contributions in Engineering Education Research,  Computer Aided Learning,

Power Electronics, Assessment  and Geoenvironmetal Engineering


G.W.Ellis, A.N.Rudnitzky and G.E.Scordilis

Finding Meaning in the Classroom: Learner- Centered Approaches that Engage Students in Engineering

E.Bowen, S.Lloyd and S.Thomas

Embedding Personal Development Planning into the Curriculum via a Key Skills Assignment

E.E. Anderson, R.Taraban and M.P.Sharma

Implementing and Assessing Computer- based Active Learning Materials in Introductory Thermodynamics


A Laboratory Supported Power Electronics and Related Technologies Undergraduate Curriculum for Aerospace Engineering Students


Algorithms for Converting Raw Scores of Multiple Choice Question Tests to Conventional Percentage Marks

S.Al- Jibouri, M.Mawdesley, D.Scott and S.Gribble

The Use of a Simulation Model as a Game for Teaching Management of Projects in Construction


Learner Centered Approach to Teaching Watershed Hydrology using System Dynamics


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