Contents Volume 23 number 5


Part I


Trends in Pre-College (K-12) Engineering Education(II)


Guest Editors


Lawrence J. Genalo

Iowa state University


Steve E. Watkins

University of Missouri-Rolla


Hans Peter Christensen

Technical University of Denmark









L.J.Genalo, S.E.Watkins and


Guest Editorial




Engineering Education in Schools



E. DeBartolo and M.Bailey

Making Engineering Appealing for Girls:Programmes for Grades 6-12



W.Church, B.Gravel and C.Rogers

Teaching Parabolic Motion with Stop-Action Animations



R. Hixon

Teaching Software Engineering Principles Using Robolab and Lego Mindstorms



L.G.Richards, A.K.Hallock and


Getting Them Early: Teaching Engineering Design in Middle Schools



D.Baker, S.Yasar-Purzer, S.R.Kurpius,

S.Krause and C.Roberts

Infusing Design, Engineering, and Technology Into K-12 Teachers’ Practice



J.Burmeister, T.Foutz and S.Thompson

Sophomore Engineering Design:  Back to the Future



S.Sobhan, N.Yakubov, V.Kapila,


and N.Kriftcher

Modern Sensing and Computerized Data Acquisition Technology in High School Physics Labs



J.K.Lumpp, K.D.Bradley and

R.T. Haines

Kentucky Electronics Education Project (KEEP): Putting Professional Development into Practice



Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Gender Issues, Nanotechnology, University-Industry Cooperation, Accreditation, Control Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Electronics, Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering


M.Ogot and G.Okudan

A Student Centered Approach to Improving Course Quality Using Quality Function Deployment



S.Haag, N.Hubele, A.Garcia and


Engineering Undergraduate Attrition and Contributing Factors



J.R.Alabart and H-J.Witt

Managing the Transition of First-Year Students to a Competency-Based Educational Model



L.Kornov, H.H.W.Johannsen and


Experiences with Integrating Individuality in Project-Oriented and Problem-based Learning POPBL




Assessing the Impact of Career and Family Choices in Mid-Life: Striking the Right Balance for Women Engineers in Their 40’s



M.Mendelson, N.Saniel, R.Noorani,

G.Kuleck and N.Ula

A Nanotechnology Course for Undergraduates



A.See, O.S.Geok, C.Nair and J.Lai

Bilateral collaborative partnership –A joint industry/university perspective




The Engineering Graduate Training Scheme of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Fulfilling the Purpose of Training Civil Engineering Graduates to Become Professional Civil Engineers



P.Company, M.Gomez-Fabra,

M.Jesus Agost and M.Vergara

Assessment Strategy to Engage Students in Constraining Parametric CAD Drawings




A Low-cost Microcontroller Based Hardware for Introducing Digital Filter Fundamentals to Students



J.M.Diaz, S.Dormido and J.Aranda

An Interactive Software Tool for Learning Robust Control Design using Quantitative Feedback Theory Methodology



C.Savander-Ranne, U.Häggblom-Ahnger

and S.Kolari

Educating Pulp and Paper Engineers for the Global Forest Industry



S.O.Cheung, P.S.PWong, R.K.F.Kam

and P.P.K.Wong

A User- oriented Web-based Multimedia Programme for Measuring Building Services Engineering Works








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