Contents Vol 24-6


Part I


Special Issue: Active Learning


Guest Editors: Noel Leon, Darinka del Carmen-Ramirez and Erik de Graaf




M. S. Wald




Darinka del Carmen-Ramirez, Noel Leon

and Erik de Graaff

Guest Editorial



N. León-Rovira, Y. Heredia-Escorza,

and L. M. Lozano Del-Río

Systematic Creativity, Challenge-Based Instruction and Active Learning: A Study of its Impact on Freshman Engineering Students



H. Elizalde, I. Rivera-Solorio,

Y. Pérez, R. Morales-Menéndez

P. Orta, D. Guerra and R. A. Ramírez,

An Educational Framework based on Collaborative Reverse Engineering and Active Learning: a Case Study



A. D. Vidic

Development of Transferable Skills within an Engineering Science Context using Problem-Based Learning

A. S. Blicblau

Interactive Capstone Portfolios

U. R. Abeyratne

Learning How to Learn Medical Signal Processing: a Case Study

D. R. Schneider, M. León, C. van der Blink,

N. Ahmed, D. Shah and K. Li

Active Learning and Assessment within the NASA Robotics Alliance Cadets Program



Part II


Contributions in: Engineering Education Research, Statics, Electrical Engineering, Control

Engineering, Geological Engineering, Engineering Management, Hydraulic Engineering,

Engineering Competencies, Signal Processing and Spreadsheet Applications


R. Lynch, N. Seery and S. Gordon

Design of a Novel Diagnostic Tool for Student Performance in Engineering Degree Courses

D. Parsons

Is There an Alternative to Exams? ± Examination Stress in Engineering Courses

P. Gibbings and L. Brodie

Team-Based Learning Communities in Virtual Space

A. Mottart and J. Casteleyn

Visual Rhetoric Enhancing Students Ability to Communicate Effectively

R. Luechtefeld, D. Baca and S. E. Watkins

Training for Self-Managed Student Teams

B. E. Barry, S. P. Brophy, W. C. Oakes, M. K. Banks and S. E. Sharvelle

Developing Professional Competencies through Challenge to Project Experiences

D. Ibrahim

Teaching the Principles of Modern Electricity Metering

S. Dormido-Canto, J. Sánchez and S. Dormido

New Control Laboratory Using Parallel Programming

M. Castro, L. Iglesias, R. Rodríguez- Solano and J. A. Sánchez

Revising a Geodesy and Cartography Engineering Curriculum

M. Martínez and J. V. Salcedo

ProPID: An Interactive CAD Tool for Control Education

J. L. Cano, I. Lidón and R. Rebollar

Learning Project Managment through Working with Real Clients

V. Bermúdez, B. Tormos, P. Olmeda and J. Martín

Spreadsheet for Teaching Weibull Statistical Distribution Fitting in Maintenance Engineering

C. Schroeder, M. Elahinia and M. Schumack

Integrating Education and Research: Development of an Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Laboratory

A. Dollár and P. Steif

An Interactive, Cognitively Informed, Web-Based Statics Course

C. K. Pang, W. E. Wong, C. Li and A. Al Mamun

A Toolkit with MATLAB GUI for Learning Position Error Signals in Data Storage Systems


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