Contents Vol 25-2



Part I


Special Issue

Simulators for Engineering Education and for

Professional Development


Guest Editors:

Avraham Shtub, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Avraham Parush, Carleton University

Thomas T. Hewett, Drexel University



A. Ibrahim,




A. Shtub, A. Parush and T. T. Hewett

Guest Editorial: The Use of Simulation in Learning and Teaching



A. Babich and K. Th. Mavrommatis

Teaching of Complex Technological Processes Using Simulations



A. García-Beltrán, S. Tapia, R. Martínez and

J. A. Jaén

Simulator for a Multi-Programming Environment for Computer Science Learning and Teaching



C. Yehezkel, M. Eliahu and M. Ronen

Easy CPU: Simulation-based Learning of Computer Architecture at the Introductory Level



M. Gunes and A. F. Baba

Educational Tool for Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot



F. Ramos, S. López, E. Espinosa, J. Carlos Rebón, A. Hernández and A. Arredondo

Simulator for Learning Symbolically about the Behavior of Motion in Bipedal Robots



Z. Doulgeri and N. Zikos

Development, Integration and Evaluation of a Web-based Virtual Robot Task Simulator in the Teaching of Robotics



N. Fang, R. Cook and K. Hauser

Lean Lego Simulation for Active Engagement of Students in Engineering Education



E. Bautista, J. Echavarri, J. M. Munoz- Guijosa,

A. Díaz-Lantada, P. Lafont, J. Muñoz-García,

J. L. Muñoz-Sanz and H. Lorenzo-Yustos

Simulink Model for Teaching the `Stick-Slip' Friction Phenomenon in `Machine Vibration and Noise' course



B. Vahidi and M. R. Bank Tavakoli

Simulation of Synchronous Generator on MATLAB-SIMULINK for Teaching Performance Characteristics to Undergraduate Students



M. J. Saenz and J. L. Cano

Experiential learning through simulation games: An empirical study


B. D. Coller and D. J. Shernoff

Video Game-Based Education in Mechanical Engineering: A Look at Student Engagement



W-F. Chen

A Model for Assessing Web-Based Simulations in Engineering Education


R. Antón, H. Jonsson, J. C. Ramos,

T. Gómez-Acebo and A. Rivas

Refrigerating Cycle Simulator: System Modelling, Educational Implementation and Assessment



L. Davidovitch, A. Parush and A. Shtub

The Impact of Functional Fidelity in Simulator-based Learning of Project Management




Part II


Contributions in: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,

Computer Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering,

Active Learning, and Enrollment Management


J. R. Serrano, S. Ruiz, J. J. López and

C. Guardiola

A Teaching Approach for Gas Turbines Using Spreadsheets



M. Krajnc

E-learning Environment Integration in the Chemical Engineering Educational Process



M. E. Macías and E. D. Guridi

Emulation of Real Processes to Improve Training in Automation



J. Pérez, F. Jiménez and S. Poveda

Classroom Simulation of Cooperative Engineering Design Practice in an Aeronautical Company



J. Wren, J. Renner, R. Gårdhagen and

K. Johansson

Learning More with Demonstration Based Education?



R. Salgado, N. Takeda and N. Roffe

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Active Learning: The `WOW!' Factor for Project Oriented Industrial Design and Electronic Engineering Courses



E. Kongar, T. M. Sobh and M. Baral

Two-Step Data Envelopment Analysis Approach for Efficient Engineering Enrollment Management




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