Vol 28-4





Guide for Authors


Section I

Special Issue


Design-Centric Engineering Education


Guest Editors


Kok Kiong Tan—National University of Singapore, Singapore

Hwee Choo Liaw—National University of Singapore, Singapore

Huixing, Zhou—College of Engineering, China Agricultural University, P.R. China


Ahmad Ibrahim




Kok Kiong, Tan, Hwee Choo, Liaw and Huixing, Zhou

Guest Editorial



R. Sell and S. Seiler

Improvements of Multi-disciplinary Engineering Study by Exploiting Design-centric Approach, Supported by Remote and Virtual Labs



Pere Ponsa, Cristina Manresa-Yee, Diana Arellano, Johanna Gómez and Àlex Pérez

Human-Centred Design in Engineering Curricula



Andi Sudjana Putra and Tan Kok Kiong

An Alternative Perspective in Engineering Education: A Parallel to Disruptive Technology



Vanessa Svihla, Anthony J. Petrosino and Kenneth R. Diller

Learning to Design: Authenticity, Negotiation, and Innovation



Willian Z. Bernstein, Devarajan Ramanujan, Fu Zhao,

Karthik Ramani and Monica F. Cox

Teaching Design for Environment through Critique within a Project-Based Product Design Course



Chih-Hsiang Ko, Ting-Chia Chang, Yung-Hsun Chen and

Li-Han Hua

A Design-Centric Approach for Augmented Reality Collaboration



Jiyoung Han, Seung-Hyun Yoo and Eunkyeong Kwon

The Educational Effects of an Introductory Engineering Design Course based on Creative Projects



Huixing Zhou, Peng Sun and Dong Zheng

Practice-Oriented Intuitive Approach for Engineering Undergraduates: A Case Study



Jin-Suo Lu, Yan-Ping Ding, Alexander Swift and

Ting-Lin Huang

Towards Design-Centric Engineering Education: Capstone Course Reform in a Chinese University



Sanja Loncar-Vickovic, Zlata Dolacek- Alduk,

Vladimir Sigmund and Dina Stober

Student Workshops in Engineering Education: Case Studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek, Croatia



Fernando Martini Catalano,Álvaro Martins Abdalla and

Fulvio Luiz Delicato Filho

What is Missing for Traditional Design-Centric Engineering Education to Better Prepare Newly Graduated Engineers for the Global Era?



André Luiz Aquere, Diana Mesquita, Rui M. Lima,

Simone B. S. Monteiro and Marcia Zindel

Coordination of Student Teams Focused on Project Management Processes



Jitesh H. Panchal, Olusola Adesope and Richard Malak

Designing Undergraduate Design Experiences—A Framework based on the Expectancy-Value Theory



Jorge Villalobos and Oscar González

A Curricula Model for Supporting a Design-Centric Computing Engineering Education



Teresa G. Wojcik, Garrett M. Clayton,

Aleksandra Radlińska and Noelle Comolli

The Value of Impromptu Design Exercises as an Approach in Design-Centric Engineering Education



Kwanmyung Kim, Namhun Kim, Seonhee Jung, Duck-Young Kim, Youngshin Kwak and Gyouhyung Kyung

A Radically Assembled Design-Engineering Education Program with a Selection and Combination of Multiple Disciplines


Section II


Contributions in: Electronic Portfolios, Motivation, Problem-Based Learning,

Design Competition, Collaborative Design, Learning Outcomes, Industry Sponsorship


Stuart Nettleton

The Power of Pull in Engineering Student Learning



Timothy T. Yuen, Can Saygin, Heather Shipley, Hung-da wan and David Akopian

Factors that Influence Students to Major in Engineering



Benoît Galand, Mariane Frenay and Benoît Raucent

Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning In Engineering Education: A Comparative Study on Three Levels of Knowledge Structure



Antonio P. Volpentesta, Salvatore Ammirato and Francesco Sofo

Collaborative Design Learning and Thinking Style Awareness



Mohamed Al-Marzouqi and Muftah H. El-Naas

The Role of Environmental Design Competitions in Engineering Education



Alcion Benedict Popp, David C. Levy and Simon Barrie

Rationalizing Relationships between the Various Sets of Learning Outcomes as a Data Driven Mapping Strategy



Fakhteh Soltani, David Twigg and John Dickens

Industry Input into the Education of Undergraduate Engineering Students through Sponsorship


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